5 Bomber Jacket Styles You’ll Want this Spring

Some people think jackets aren’t a necessity for spring but I think it actually is. The temperatures may be higher than what we were used to from the cold months of fall and winter, but the cool breeze should be enough to send a tingly shiver down your spine on a cool spring night. Of course, it’s common sense to stay away from anything that’s too heavy and too bulky so stick to lighter jacket types instead. My personal is the bomber jacket and, with so many new styles and designs out now, I’m sure you’ll love having one to top off your outfits with, too. Here are some of the most awesome bomber jacket styles you’ll want this spring.

Silver for that fierce and futuristic lookcropped floral bomber jacket

silver bomber and bright skirt outfit silver bomber with jeans

Silver is always a good way to add a fancy futuristic vibe to any look. Bonus points if you can get something metallic and pair it up with either white of any light neutral hue. Feeling particularly risky today? Wear your silver bomber jacket with matching silver shoes. This look is perfect for a bold statement look.

Cropped bomber jacketcropped bomber in textured leather cropped floral bomber jacket

A cropped bomber jacket adds a nice and subtle sexy hint to an otherwise just chic and slightly sporty look. You can wear your cropped bomber jacket with flirty spring dresses for a pretty feminine look or with high waisted skinny jeans for instant It Girl feels.

Loud and brightbright and floral bomber jacket bright red bomber and jeans

If you’re not the type who likes to wear a ton of colors in your main outfit, a bomber jacket in a light and bright color is the perfect thing to top off your ensemble with. This is an easy way to get away with sticking to dark hues in spring, too.

Cool patchespatch bomber jacket street style look patch bomber jacket

One of the hottest trends of today are patches. They’re everywhere and bomber jackets are no exception. If you’re looking for something cool that you can add to your street style wardrobe, a bomber jacket that’s laden with cool patches is definitely the way to go.

Classic athleticclassic athletic outfit with bomber jacket classic bomber jacket

Nothing beats a good old varsity type bomber jacket. You know, the kind that looks like your old jacket from your college alma mater? This style is great for creating sporty looks as well as ones that have more of a preppy vibe to them. Not sure which one to get? Why not start with the iconic Tommy Hilfiger Bomber that we all loved on Gigi Hadid?



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