5 Bag and Shoe Combos to Consider

When it comes to fashion, clothes are not all there is to it! You need to consider your primary accents, namely your bag and shoes, as well. Enhance your look even more with these bag and shoe combos that you need to consider.

Be Hardcore in Leather

Leather is a statement fabric by itself. So if you want to achieve a punk, hardcore rock chic feel, then make sure to pair your leather bag with your leather shoes/booties. Although this is the case, a leather bag and shoe combo can help you channel a sophisticated look as well. You can make this outfit possible by wearing your leather bag and shoe with a feminine dress or a structured top and pants duo.

leather bag and shoe

leather bag and shoes

Be Sexy in Suede

Suede has made a fashion comeback! Feared by many before, this 70’s feel fabric has been seen on many runways. From Paris to NYC, there is no denying that suede is back and it’s better than ever. If you want to achieve the Boho chic look that suede can provide, then be bold in a suede bag and shoe combo. Should you decide to go with a unifying hue, make sure to break the monotony by wearing garments that are on the opposite side of the color spectrum.

suede bag and shoes suede boots and bags

Be Sultry in Studs

We girls need a little sparkle every so often. If you are in the mood to stand out in the crowd, then go for a studded bag and shoe combo. These accents can be so hardcore so make sure to wear this bag and shoe combo with feminine or soft-colored items. That way, you can balance the structure of the studs with the softness of your outfit.

studded bag and shoe studded bag and shoes

Be Golden in Glitter

Want to stand out – literally? Then make sure to go with a glittery/shiny bag and shoe combo. Even if you plan on wearing a plain LBD, your glittery/shiny satchel and footwear can add a dash of attitude to your otherwise tedious outfit. Since this bag and shoe combo is ‘loud’ by itself, avoid too much shine by keeping your outfit sophisticatedly simple.

glittery bag and shoe glitter bag and shoe

Be Elegant in Neutral

When it comes to fashion, simple is always better. So if you want to create an effortlessly beautiful shoe and bag combo, then go for neutrals. These earth-tone colors work well with most outfits, so you can wear these hues to the office – or even to the mall. What’s great about the neutral bag and shoe combo is that they can withstand the test of time. Whether it’s spring or winter, this accessory pairing will make you look classically chic.

neutral bag and shoes neutral bag and shoe

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