5 Accessorizing Myths You Can Break and Still Look Stylish

Rules are meant to be broken and this is definitely true with outfit combinations and accessories. Some women know the source of most of these so-called accessorizing rules, making following them somewhat silly. So, check out these 5 accessorizing myths that you can break and still look stylish.

  1. You can’t mix silver and gold jewelry

button down shirt with metallic pink pants

lace top and blazer with mixed metals layered necklace with military blazer and leather leggings pearl necklace and gold bracelet with pastel outfit

Many women believe that wearing both gold and silver jewelry in an outfit is a fashion faux pas. The rule is that you are supposed to pick one metal color, either gold or silver and leave off the rest. However, fashion style depends on how great you feel on what you’re wearing and you look stylish whether you follow those rules or not. To successfully mix and match silver and gold in an outfit, copy Blair Eadie’s style of wearing her gold chain bracelets and silver cuffs together keeping them look intentional and elegant. Just skip those bracelets and necklaces with colored gemstones when mixing your metals to avoid looking overdone. However, you can still wear a white pearl necklace with your metals since the pearls are considered neutral.

  1. Your shoes, belt, and handbag have to match

blue pumps with purple dress green outfit with cobalt blue clutch and green pumps office outfit with structured bag and ballet flats purple shoes and button down blouse with gray jeans and blazer quirky loafers with black dress and doctors bag tank top with printed pants and green bag

If you have been avoiding wearing fashionable shoes or carrying a statement handbag, because you think it’s a fashion faux pas to wear different colors of shoes, belt, and bag together, well this rule is a total myth. In fact, your shoes, belt, and bag should complement one another and look like they belong as part of the same outfit. Wearing unexpected color combination on your outfit looks trendy and what more with your accessories. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, be exceptional in your street style by wearing a pair of yellow shoes and a green tote bag with your casual outfit. This way, you’ll look fashionable even you’re wearing your most basic outfits.

  1. You can’t wear white shoes after Labor Day

peep toe pumps with blue bag and printed dress white block heeled pumps with green bag and dress white pumps with jeans and casual top white shoes with white skirt and floral bandeau top

The no white after Labor Day rule has a really no hard facts as to where this rule came from. However, there is evidence to prove that this belief on white did start exclusively with white shoes. Yet, keep in mind that the Labor Day itself has nothing to do with whether or not you can wear white. In fact, the temperature and weather are a much better indicator as to when it’s time to put your white shoes away for the season so feel free to don your white pumps to look classy and stylish on your street style.

  1. A black handbag is the most versatile bag you can own

all black outfit with red bag elegant bag with classic outfit red bag with red jeans and coat structured bag and chic outfit with green pumps structured bag with mules and chic outfit

Since black is considered neutral and timeless, a black handbag is believed to be an everyday bag you have to own. However, you can have your everyday bag even in the shades of red, olive green, beige, mustard, and even printed ones. You can still wear a red bag or a green handbag with your monochromatic or printed outfit without looking out-of-place. In fact, they can give a pop of color to your neutral and dark outfits to bring them back to life. The key is to pick a solid-colored or two-tone print of your handbag so you can wear them flawlessly with any of your outfits.

  1. You need to own a pair of black shoes

tangerine pumps with gray dress red shoes with brocade dress nude pumps with white dress and military coat metallic silver pumps with purple skirt and black lace top animal print pumps with chic outfit

Black shoes certainly are useful but they’re not the end all be all that many think they are. Other versatile colors, like metallic silver, metallic gold, nude, camel, and even bright red can give a fun pop of color to make your outfits look fun and interesting. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, opt for a pair of red pumps if you think your outfit and accessories look too dull and simple to give your style some lift.

If these rules make sense to you, follow them. However, if you feel boxed in by these old archaic accessorizing rules, follow your own fashion sense. After all, fashion is a means of expressing yourself through the clothes and accessories you’re wearing.

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