4 Tips for Looking Great on Your Beach Photos

Beach trips with friends this summer can be fun, what more capturing those moments with stunning photos. Since you never get tired of taking photos, and you never take two photos quite the same, keep on reading for our tips and tricks for you to look great on your beach photos.

  1. Find a flattering swimwear and know your best angles.

abstract print swimsuit

sexy swimwear floral print swimsuit black triangle bikini

Having a bikini you feel confident with is really important. Whether you’re aiming for an effortless, sexy, or sporty look, your swimwear can do the tricks for you. Also, knowing your best angle is essential for taking a great photo, especially when you’re concerned on some of your body areas. Placing your hands on the slimmest part of your waist and tilting your body a bit with your legs is universally flattering. Since the lens captures every detail, you might want to keep your skin hydrated under the sun.

  1. Take photos early in the morning or late in the afternoon for perfect lightings.

breezy dress with white hat tropical print dress with tote bag and hat snakeprint maxi dress peasant dress with hat colorful sarong

Every landscape photographer knows that early in the morning and late in the afternoon are the best times for taking outdoor photos. If you take your beach photos in the middle of the day, the glare from the sand and the white water will create stark, high-contrast photos that aren’t pleasing to the eyes. On the contrary, when the sun is low it will illuminate the entire scene with much warmer colors and lower contrast, which is more attractive. Remember that beach photos don’t always have to be bright and sunny. The photos that stand out from the crowd are often the ones with dark skies and brooding atmosphere, not white sand and blue sky though you may want to capture waters like champagne bubbles for a richer and more atmospheric vibes.

  1. Find an eye-catching feature on your photo.

chic white dress with clutch white top with lace skirt white swimsuit at the beach tropical print maxi dress summer swimsuit

To get the best beach photos, get down to the water’s edge or make the most of a good sky as the wide-open-spaces effect can look plain and empty if your scene lacks features. A long, empty expanse of white sand with a clear blue sky is perfect for a walk on the beach, but can be too empty and plain for a photograph. You may think of reflections that add interest to your beach photos as well as shells, rocks, and lifesavers flags that look fashionable as your background. Also, be mindful of the other distractions that can spoil the natural look of a beach photo.

  1. Capture the moments on your photographs.

black hater swimsuit sexy black swimsuit purple halter swimsuit chic white dress with sun hat chic swimwear breezy maxi dress breezy beach dress

Your beach photos are not only for showing off your fashionable swimwear and womanly curves, but also to capture fun moments on your summer getaway. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may close your eyes and feel the breeze of the sea while lying on the beach side. Or, have some fun getting your feet at the waters like Annabelle Fleur did, which created a natural, breezy, and stunning photo on her beach trips.

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