4 Reasons Why You Should Accessorize

Accessories can spice up your most boring outfit so they’re essential to create a fashion-forward look. Did you know that 25% of your wardrobe budget should go towards your accessories? If you feel accessories are a bit complicated to wear, keep on reading for the 4 reasons why you should accessorize that might change your mind.

  1. You’ll save money.

embellished clutch with white dress

white mesh dress with chic sunglasses and flirty clutch hot pink bag with off shoulder top

If you think you’ll spend more because you have to invest on some accessories, you’re wrong as the more accessories you own, the less clothing you will have to buy. Most of the time, the accessories you have are often cheaper in price than clothing, and can be worn multiple times per week. For instance, having one white dress that you can accessorize in four different ways will change your looks without going for a different dress. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, simply go for a flirty clutch and a pair of chic sunglasses that will make your mesh dress more feminine and modern. Or, simply tie a silk scarf on your bag so you don’t have to tie it on your neck and you can simply grab the bag with any of your outfits. This will cost you a lot less than having multiple stand alone outfits that can’t be changed up through your accessories.

  1. You’ll save time.

silk bag scarf with white dress straw hat with casual outfit statement sunglasses with tweed matching set

If you’re a woman on-the-go, you may groan at the idea of accessorizing, thinking they you have enough to do in the morning. In fact, time is saved via accessorizing because you can go for trusted and basic outfits that you know will work and use the accessories to change up the looks making them more interesting. A summer hat and a tribal print bag can make your basic tee and jeans outfit combination more effortlessly cool. A great thing, wearing a hat takes a lot less time than the time you spend staring at your closet trying to figure how to put whole new outfit together. So, have some easy, yet interesting accessories on hand that are fail-safes and will always work.

  1. You’ll stand out.

grunge dress with gladiators and denim jacket striped jumpsuit with belt and red bag statement sunglasses with crop top and white trousers

When you accessorize, you can wear your versatile basics without being boring. You can make your little black dress grunge-inspired, sexy, or even bohemian with your choices of accessories. Also, imagine you and another woman were standing side-by-side, both wearing a pair of tailored pants and a button down shirt. Of course, the one who’s going to stand out is the woman who chooses an interesting pair of shoes and finishes her look with a great necklace, or a structured handbag. So if you want to stand out, accessorize.

  1. You’ll be more creative and confident at the same time.

printed outfit with structured bag jeans with ruffled top and tote bag all white outfit with gold cuff and sunglasses

Fashion is like an art that can express your personality while honing your creative skills. Remember, feeling good about yourself comes from within, and that good feeling often comes when you know you look good. So, it’s time to start wearing accessories that will make your every day looks more interesting.

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