4 Easy Tips on Choosing a Clutch to Accessorize Your Outfit

Accessories can make or break your outfit so you have to be careful on picking them to keep your outfit fashion-forward and polished. Whether you’re going to a formal party, heading for a casual walk, or hitting the club with your friends, keep on reading for our 4 easy tips on picking a clutch to accessorize your outfit.

  1. Select the right size for your basic essentials.

1. envelope clutch with modern outfit

printed clutch with chambray shirt and pastel skirt metallic silver pants with graphic top and box clutch metallic silver clutch with striped blazer and straight leg pants envelope-clutch-with-printed-coat-and-jeans

Aside from looking great with a particular body type, a clutch should also be on the right size that can hold your basic essentials. Though clutches are generally smaller than shoulder bags, there are ones with roomier and expandable styles you may consider. If your clutch is too large, it will only tend you to carry more than you need, making your accessory unnecessarily bulky. On the other hand, if a clutch is too small, it can lead to over-stuffing and bulging at the seams which can either damage a clutch or simply look distracting. A typical clutch is small and contains enough room for some necessities, like credit cards, keys, and a cell phone, but more clutches now come in different sizes to meet a variety of daytime and evening needs.

  1. Go for a style of clutch appropriate for the occasion.

casual outfit with tweed jacket and clutch knitted sweater with cuffed jeans and leopard print clutch floral clutch with forest green dress chic clutch with printed dress chic burgundy dress with elegant clutch and peep toe boots

It is important for women to accessorize an outfit correctly in order to make the right impression, whether she is going out on a date or dressing for work. Generally, simple clutches in muted shades work for both daytime and evening while dressy clutches work well for party-ready outfits. Clutch with studs, casual textile, and eccentric details usually work for casual settings while ones with intricate design, elegant embroidery, and silk fabrics go well with party outfits. Some women prefer to carry a clutch around instead of a tote bag during the day, meaning a neutral color with simple style might be more versatile to match the clutch to a wide range of outfits.

  1. Go for a stylish and functional clutch.

clutch-bag-with-red-dress-and-ankle-strap-sandals white clutch bag with sheer V-neck top and jeans metallic-clutch-bag-with-striped-top-and-blazer cobalt blue clutch with leopard print pants and blazer clutch with architectural outfit

Women typically hold their clutch purses in their hands that can become inconvenient, particularly in locations where it is not practical to set the clutch down. So, you may consider clutch styles with a removable strap that will allow you to sling your accessory over a shoulder or slip it onto a wrist. While clutches notoriously do not hold a lot, you may go for ones with roomier or pocketed style to organize your belongings well. A clutch with a cell phone pocket provides some extra room beyond just enough space for a driver’s license and lipstick making your accessory more convenient and functional.

  1. Pick a color or print that will complement or add some interest to your outfit.

printed clutch with printed outfit pink clutch with metallic lace up sandals and casual chic outfit leopard print clutch with monochromatic outfit fringe clutch with trendy outfit box clutch with off shoulder party dress book clutch with gray dress and ankle boots

Whether you wish for a monochromatic outfit or an outfit with popping colors, your clutch must always look complementing for your outfit. From glitzy gold to a neutral cognac, you can make your outfit surprisingly neutral without being boring. A simple black clutch tends to go with everything, though some women opt for a neon-colored clutch to add some flair to a dressed-down outfit. You may even go for box clutches resembling the shape of books, newspapers, and even fruits to add some quirky statement to your outfit like street style stars always do.

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