4 Easy Outfits for Chilly Date Nights

Going on a romantic date with your man on a chilly night is one of the best ways to spend the evening, but looking stylish for the event can be a bit challenging. The cold weather usually makes us rethink our clothing choices. Your go-to minidress, those stylish tattered jeans, that cute pair of shorts you always wear with your favorite pair of sneakers — these are all great for date nights, but the chilly weather will make you think twice before putting them on. Here are a few easy outfits for chilly date nights that you can try instead.

date night outfit

date night outfit idea edgy

  1. Lace dress + leather jacket – sexy or edgy? Who needs to choose when you can be both! A lace dress alone may not be enough to get you through a cold winter date night, but top it off with your go-to leather jacket and you have yourself a gorgeous look that’s both sexy and edgy. Want to soften it up even more and make it look more ladylike? Finish it up with a pair of sexy heels. If you want to add more of that “bad girl” vibe to your look, perhaps a pair of moto boots would suit your taste better instead.lace dress and cobalt blue leather jacket lace dress and studded leather jacket
  2. Slip dress + fur coat – looking for something more sexy and seductive to wear to a chilly date night? How about a sexy slip dress topped up with a lush fur coat? Of course, the choice of whether to go for real fur or faux fur is entirely up to you; but one thing is for sure: this look is something you have to try and pull off at least once.slip dress and fur coat slip dress and gorgeous fur coat
  3. Maxi dress + mules – if it isn’t snowing heavily where you are and your main concern is the chilly breeze that blows through the night, a maxi dress paired up with mules could work for you. Topping off your look with a chic blazer or coat is a great idea, too, but you can always go for long sleeved maxi dresses instead. If you’re game for some statement pieces, why not make those loafers furry ones?maxi dress and loafers outfit maxi dress and loafers
  4. Puffer jacket + sexy skirt – proportion is everything when you want to come up with a beautifully balanced stylish outfit. Another combo that you can try sporting when you’re going on a date during a chilly winter night is a puffer jacket and a sexy skirt. This combo goes so well together, it’s crazy how it’s not uber popular yet!

puffer jacket outfit puffer jacket and skirt outfit

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