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4 DIY Face Masks (with ingredients in your kitchen)


Hi All! Today we are going to show you guys some of our favorite face masks. Every girl needs their Sunday night face mask, and these skin fighters will do just the trick. With ingredients you can find in your kitchen, you can get spa-like results, and flawless skin. For the truly spa-esque vibe, put the mask in the microwave for 30 seconds to get it to a comfortable temperature, and to activate the ingredients, and then apply it with an old foundation brush. So, lets get into the masks! 


“I love this mask because it leaves my skin so refreshed. It smells so clean and it leaves my skin feeling so rejuvenated–plus it helps fade my acne scars! The Greek yogurt contains anti-bacterial properties to help acne, and even has very mild bleaching powers to smooth out discoloration. The lemon also has anti-bacterial properties and acidic properties to fight acne and fade acne scars.”- Claire


“This is my favorite mask to use when I have a breakout here and there. The honey’s antibacterial powers are great for treating acne, and it draws in and retains moisture. The cinnamon fights acne by drying out the affected area and de-clogs pores by killing bacteria. My favorite way to apply this mask is by putting the honey all over my face, and then dotting the cinnamon on problem areas, or you can mix it all to create a very powerful, acne-fighting mask.” -Sloane


“Every girl has to have a little chocolate here and there, but why not save the calories and improve your skin instead! Chocolate has antioxidants prevent damage and has anti-aging effects while it nourishes. This yummy mask is the perfect way to indulge without feeling guilty! ” -Claire

DIY FACE MASKS.jpeg5“This is my go-to mask and a lifesaver for whenever I have dry skin. Olive oil is abundant in antioxidants that will moisturize your skin, and the oil molecules are too big to clog pores, so they will not cause acne. Your skin will drink up all the moisture, and it will be restored in no time!” -Sloane

I hope you all enjoy these masks; they save you so much money not having to buy tons of expensive products to improve your skin, and not to mention, they are all natural! Have a great Tuesday evening, and don’t forget to treat yourself to one of these masks and a bubble bath tonight! 😉
Sloane & Claire