3 Keys to Wearing Winter White

Having a gloomy and cold season doesn’t mean you have to go for darker colors as well. Instead of waiting until the season goes spring, you can easily lighten up your look with winter white. From head to toe, you don’t have to worry about dates or seasons when rocking the shade as white can be worn year round as long as you know how to style your outfits right. So, keep on reading for the 3 keys to wearing winter white.

  1. Seasons decide texture, not color.

chic white puffer coat with leather leggings

winter white coat with wide belt winter coat with white outfit white top with embroidered skirt

There’s a difference between white linen and white wool as the one will work for winter. Though there are known outfits like summer whites, this season, stick with heavier, winter textiles like fluffy sweaters, fur, wool, tweed, leather, cashmere, knit, embroidered ensembles, textured tops and such. White outerwear especially is one of the easiest ways to dip your toe into this color trend. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, think of a white puffer coat with gold buttons that look chic rather than bulky and heavy. Or, go for breezy white outfits but keep them winter-appropriate with thick toppers like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did, blending into the scene of a snowy landscape.

  1. Keep your monochromatic look polished and classy.

winter white outfit with pastel bag and sandals winter white blazer with wide leg pants cream winter coat with all white outfitwinter white outfit with sneakers

Any monochromatic look is sure to be a classy and polished look, but head-to-toe white seems to take the cake, especially in a crowd of grays and blacks. If a white-out isn’t your thing, throw in a classic colored handbag or coat to keep that effortless but intentional effect. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, think of a pastel blue bag or even sandals if the winter season in your place is a little warmer that will add some flair to your looks. Classy doesn’t mean you have to go out with a pair of heels, as fashion blogger Kristina Bazan managed to look classy with her jeweled sneakers and winter white outfit.

  1. Make your winter white look intentional.

winter white coat with pants winter white outfit with white sneakers winter white outfit winter white suit with navy coat

Though you may bring white to your beauty routine with a white liner or a subtle white shadow, you can make the winter white look intentional by wearing them with layers. Like fashion editor Christine Centenera, wear a white sweater with your white top and skirt with a pair of matching black and white heels. Or, go for a white suit to add some flair on your office style like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did. Just bring a darker colored coat with you to protect your outfit from splashes and mud. Just be creative mixing and matching your white ensembles to create that cozy winter white style. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to wear the winter white trend in the winter and look classy and cozy.

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