10 Tips to Look Good When You’re Hungover

The weekend is a great time to relax, loosen up and just forget about all the stress that everyday life brings. For most people, the weekend is the perfect time to catch up with friends, go out on a date with their special someones, hit the club and party aIl night and just do fun stuff in general. It’s all fun and games until Monday kicks in and you realize you’re still hungover from the very fun night before and you find yourself rushing to get perked up and look decent, Here are a few tips on how to look good when you’re hungover.


  1. Wake your skin up with some ice – all that partying and drinking made your skin drier and your pores bigger. Wake up your skin and make it look more refreshed by rubbing some ice on it. Concentrate on the puffy areas like the under eyes and the cheeks.fresh and simple daytime makeup
  2. Do the red lipstick hack before concealer – unless you live under a rock, i’m pretty sure you’ve seen the red lipstick concealer hack before. It works and it is perfect for the undereye area when you’re hungover.radiant glowing look
  3. Take a shower – if you’ve got the time, go ahead and take a quick shower. Nothing refreshes better than a quick shower session, especially in the morning.fresh makeup face
  4. Moisturize – before you apply your makeup, be sure to slather on some moisturizer. All that partying, that booze and the late nights out have dried up your skin so it helps a little help in the moisture department to look soft and supple again.rosy makeup look
  5. Wear light makeup – your first instinct might be to pile on the makeup to conceal the telltale signs that you were wasted last night but fight it. Instead, go for lighter, more natural makeup that will leave you looking fresh and awake.light and simple makeup
  6. Whiten your waterline – wearing white or flesh-colored liner on the waterline can really help make your eyes look more open and awake, perfect for when you have to drag your sleepy self to work the morning after some hardcore partying.sexy daytime makeup
  7. Highlight – forget about contour and just wear some highlighter on the higher points of your face to get that illuminated, radiant look. This will help you fake that fresh look.natural look
  8. Warm up your skin with bronzer – skin looking a little pasty? Warm it up with a light dusting of bronzer.simple makeup look gigi hadid
  9. Skip the eyeliner – even if you don’t think you can’t leave the house without your most beloved cat eye, it’s better to skip on the liner when you’re hungover to prevent your eyes from looking droopier than they are.no makeup makeup look
  10. Get some color on your face – alcohol and late nights can drain your skin from that healthy glow and leave it looking dry and dull. Combat that by wearing some color on your face. Swipe on your favorite bright lipstick and dab on a bit of blush to get that glow back.daytime makeup look