10 Gorgeous Must Have Summer Dresses

Summer is here and I’m pretty sure you’ve already revamped your wardrobe so you can both be stylish and comfy this season but do you have all the must have summer dresses you need in your closet? Summer fashion is all about fun, cute and colorful outfits so make sure you have plenty of vibrant hues in your wardrobe – be it accessories or clothes. If you’re still on the hunt for some pieces to add to your summer wardrobe, check out these 10 gorgeous must have summer dresses that would make a perfect addition to any closet.

  • Maxi dress – a maxi dress is a perennial staple that every woman should have in her closet at all times. This piece is wearable all year long but the most perfect time to wear it is during the summer months when the sun is super hot and you just want something that will help keep you cool.

cute maxi dress

  • Eyelet dress – ‘eyelet’ isn’t really a style but rather a kind of fabric which dresses are made of. Eyelet dresses are perfect for summer because they’re not too thick or heavy so they can help keep you cool under the hot summer sun. There are many eyelet patterns that you can choose from so you’re sure to find one that you’ll like.

yellow summer eyelet dress

  • Striped dress – stripes are the ultimate print / patter for summer. It never goes out of style and is always easy to wear. Try going for a navy blue and white striped dress accessorized with red accents for a classy nautical look or go classic and timeless with a black and white striped dress.

striped dress

  • Sundress – of course, sundresses will always be a part of any summer closet. They’re chic and they’re cute and they’re perfect for days when you just want to look and feel extra girly and dainty. Choose a sundress that flatters your figure and your skin tone and see how much easier summer dressing becomes.

sundress and denim jacket

  • Lace dress – on days when you want to feel extra girly this summer or when you just want to exude more of a dainty vibe, just rock a lace dress and you’re good to go.

lace dress outfit

  • Embroidered dress – embroidered pieces are one of summer’s hottest trends so why not get yourself a nice embroidered dress to sport this summer? Choose one with intricate embroidery detailing – it will look like you’re wearing a fabulous piece of art as well!

beautiful embroidered dress

  • White dress – one can never go wrong with a white dress for summer. It’s the ultimate go-to dress when you need something simple, stylish and beautiful. Wear it with other soft and neutral colors to create a dainty and delicate look or add a pop of color to it to give it some personality. Think of your summer white dress as your LBD’s summer alternative. Dress it up or dress it down, wear it however you like and whenever you want.

simple white dress

  • Statement dress – a statement dress can be anything from a bold neon dress to one with stunning print / pattern or a dress that accentuates all of your assets and hugs your body in all the right places. It can also be a dress that looks gorgeous enough on its own that no other accessory is needed to make it pop.

statement summer dress

  • Mesh dress – mesh is another summer trend that’s really hot right now and a mesh dress is one fun way to get in on the trend. You can wear a mesh dress on top of your swimsuit as a cover up or simply as a layering piece to a tank top or a crop top. If you want a sexier take on the trend, opt for dresses with mesh panels instead.

mesh dress panel

  • Shirt dress – the last one to complete the list of the top 10 must have dresses for summer is a shirt dress. A shirt dress is super easy to wear. It’s perfect on days when you’re feeling too lazy to create a well put together look but still want to look like you did.

army green shirt dress


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