10+ End of Summer Outfits to Wear Now

The end of summer is a tricky time for fashionistas who want to look in clothes that are comfy, practical and stylish. Most would just improvise with what they have to create their end of summer looks and wait ‘til fall is official before shopping for a new wardrobe, but why wait? There are tons of pieces out there waiting to become part of your summer to fall wardrobe. These pieces are light enough for you to wear on your last few beach trips and also versatile enough to layer up with later on in fall. Here are some end of summer outfits that you can wear now (and later, too!).

  1. Summer meets fall – this gorgeous outfit is the perfect cross between summer and fall. A black mini dress topped up with an army green vest and finished off with nude lace up heels is exactly what you’ll want to wear for the last few days of summer. And the best part? All these pieces, combined or individually, can be worn for fall too!summer meets fall
  2. Classic and chic – the colors of summer combined with the comfort of fall make this amazing white and blue look that’s perfect for the end of summer (and the beginning of fall!). If you’re looking for a dressy option, this one is definitely for you.classic chic outfit end of summer
  3. Casual minimalist – here’s an outfit anyone can pull off: a slouchy white top, light wash jeans and chunky heeled neutral booties. If you’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to fashion, this casual look should be right up your alley.casual minimalist
  4. White summer – a white mesh pullover topped with white overalls and finished off with white heels and a white purse? While this outfit screams classic summer, we’re totally down with this being an end of summer kind of outfit.white overalls and white pullover
  5. A bit Boho – relaxed, comfy, and stylish – who wouldn’t want an outfit like this? This simple but super chic look has all the right makings of a Boho look, but not quite. It’s relaxed enough to fit the category but still has just the right hint of modern basic to it.a bit boho
  6. Transition superstar – ever wondered how a fashion superstar transitions from summer to fall? Well, wonder no more. Here’s Kendall rocking the end of summer outfit of our dreams: a black and white ensemble that is nowhere near basic or boring. The accessories in this look truly make it a fashion masterpiece.superstar style
  7. Chic comfort – perfect for a cozy bonfire on a warm summer night spent at the beach, this outfit also makes a great early fall ensemble. If you’re ending your summer with the last few trips to the beach, an outfit like this is what you need.chic comfort

Here are some more end of summer looks that you can take inspiration from.

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