10 Cute and Easy Nail Designs Ideas

Cute Nail Designs Ideas .
There is no need to visit the salon in order for you to have cute nail designs. There are several ways that they can do to create cute designs on their own nails or ask their friends to have a nail painting party. There are lots of options particularly if you have a wider range of colors that you can choose from. Most designs are simple and make use of the basic techniques of dots, stickers and stripes which kids can combine and match to make their own designs. The first thing you need to do before you start designing your child’s nail is to trim and cut the fingernails so it will have a smooth surface and you don’t have to cut it in the coming days that might affe the designs.

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Cute nail designs are numerous, so choose the one that you think will look great on your child’s fingernails. After you have smoothen the surface of the fingernails apply a coat of the background color on the nails. If in case it is not opaque, apply another coat once the first coat has dried. Let it dry completely before you proceed with the designs. In creating a stripe design use the tip of the toothpick as your paintbrush, dip the tip on the opposing color of nail polish and create a stripe across the nail. Then make a parallel stripes to create a stripe design. You may use black and white color for zebra, orange for tigers, yellow and black for bees and pink and black for feminine zebras.

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