10 Cardigan Styles to Add to Your Wardrobe

If you’re looking for a great outerwear to stock up on and add to your closet that you can use all year round, look no further than the cardigan. Cardigans are perfect for everyday looks because they’re light and versatile. In the summer, you can wear them on top of a tank top paired with jeans for a simple look while layering them on top of dresses in ideal for springtime. For fall and winter when you need more warmth, you can wear a cardigan underneath a thicker and heavier outerwear piece like a coat or a jacket for a stylish look that’s also comfy and cozy.

  1. Cropped cardigans – cropped cardigans are perfect for everyday casual looks. If you’re looking for something to wear on top of your cute little dresses, this is a great cardigan to reach for. Cropped cardigans also look great when layered on top of tube tops and tank tops.cropped cardigan
  2. Open cardigan – one of the most common and most popular styles of cardigan is the open cardigan. This is a great piece to reach out for if you want something simple to top off your look with or if you just want something safe and fail-proof.open cardigan leopard print
  3. Button down cardigan – the button down cardigan is perfect for those who want to achieve a more conservative or something to go with a preppy look.button down cardigan beige
  4. Long / maxi cardigan – this cardigan style has been a favorite for many celebrities and fashion bloggers for quite some time now and it’s not hard to see why. Maxi cardigans, aside from being unique, are also great for adding a fun bit of dramatic flair to any look.long cardigan neutral color palette
  5. Knitted cardigan – if you’re looking for a cardigan that you can wear especially for fall and winter, go for a cozy knitted cardigan. Knitted cardigans will add a nice touch of warmth to any look while also helping you stay stylish.knitted cardigan
  6. Kimono cardigan – kimono cardigans are perfect for summer. You can wear them on top of your crop tops for a cool and casual street style look or to the beach as an alternative to your bikini cover-ups.kimono cardigan
  7. Printed cardigan – need something that will give your plain and simple outfit a kick? Reach for a printed cardigan, throw it on and go! Printed cardigans are also perfect as statement makers, especially when you want your statement to be bold but not loud.printed cardigan outfit
  8. Waterfall cardigan – whether you’re in need of extra volume on top to balance out your figure or you just want a cardigan that’s chic and unique, a waterfall cardigan is surely something that you can use.waterfall cardigan in gray
  9. Cocoon style cardigan – warm, comfy, cozy and relaxed, that’s what the cocoon cardigan is all about. With batwing sleeves, this cardigan style is truly the ultimate addition to a laidback fall or winter look.batwing cardigan with high waisted jeans
  10. Cardigan wrap – those who prefer closed cardigans should try the cardigan wrap. It’s a cardigan that looks like a wrap around sweater and is great for everyday casual looks.wraparound cozy cardigan


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