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10 Black-based Nail Art Looks to Get You Ready for Fall

Fall is all about wearing darker colors, be it on your clothes, your makeup, or even your nails. Now, you may think there’s not a ton that you can achieve with black nail polish but that’s not true at all. With the right tools, some other nail polish colors and a lot of creativity, there are a million and one nail art looks you can achieve with your black polish. Here are a few black-based nail art looks that you can create to help you get your nails ready for fall.

  1. Glitter copper glam – with a black base and a bottle of glittery copper polish, you can create this gorgeous rose gold nail art look. It’s very simple and uses super easy nail art techniques but the black base just makes the glitter details stand out and pop.copper-glittler-glam
  2. Lightning nails – these cool lightning nails are perfect for those who want something unique and unconventional on their nails. Check out the tutorial here.lightning-nails
  3. Mermaid nails – bring back a bit of summer into fall by wearing gorgeous mermaid fins on your nails. These amazing mermaid tail nail art designs are super easy to make. You can check out the tutorial here.mermaid-fins
  4. Back to back ombre – love ombre? If you feel like you’ve mastered the ombre look on your nails, you’ll want to do this back to back ombre nail art finished off with a holo top coat.back-to-back-ombre
  5. Chic constellations – this gorgeous black-based nail art look is perfect for the star-lovers out there who just can’t get enough star shine in their life.chic-constellations
  6. Lady boss – take a look at this nail art and tell me you don’t want it. The matte black nail base, the diamond and gold accent by the nail bed, what’s not to love?lady-boss
  7. The Witching Hour – Halloween is coming right up, have you got your nail look planned? If you’re going as a witch this year, you might want to complete your look and go all out by doing this black-based nail art as well.the-witching-hour
  8. Half and half – get the best of both worlds by going for this half solid black, half animal print nail art look.half-and-half
  9. Negative space – love minimalism? This very simple but gorgeous negative space-style nail art look is something that might tickle your fancy. The contrast between deep, dark, black and metallic silver is amazing and stunning, making it a great statement nail look.minimalist
  10. Darling daisies – last on this list of black-based nail art looks is this daisy nail design with cute little gold dots in the center. It’s a very easy-to-do look that anyone can create. darling-daisies