Zina Charkoplia: Embrace 70’s Fashion with Suede

This season is a matter of embracing the 70’s fashion style featuring crochets, patchworks, fringes, flares, platforms, and suede. But, of all the features of 70’s style, suede is a little trickier. The material is made from a type of leather with a napped finish that makes the fabric softer, thinner, and more pliable than standard leather. Since the suede’s texture is porous in nature, it’s more demanding like keeping it away from water and must be handled extra care as the material is highly susceptible to wear and tear. Wondering how to embrace the 70’s fashion with suede? Keep on scrolling to take some style cues.

Greek fashion blogger living in Barcelona, Zina Charkoplia is known for her 70’s inspired style with a touch of bohemian, tomboy, and feminine flair featuring suede, jeans, and sneakers. In her blog Fashion Vibe, she shares her versatile and effortless style and translates the biggest trends to brilliantly executed looks.

animal print suede boots

black skinny jeans with suede heels suede boots with classic outfit suede boots with tuxedo suede knee high boots with classic outfit white coat with suede boots

Suede is a great bohemian statement and incorporating suede accessories is a great way to start. Suede boots whether ankle, knee-high or over-the-knee boots are highly versatile and comfortable alternatives to ballet flats and sneakers. Zina creative wore her suede boots on casual and formal outfits to give a touch of 70’s style through suede. You may play some styles with your suede boots whether bohemian, feminine, grunge, glam-rock, and even tomboy-chic styles.

suede tank top with feminine skirt suede tank top with dressy pants suede kimono with clogs suede jacket with skinny jeans and sneakers pink jacket with all black outfit

Suede tank tops and jackets are great to contrast with an all black outfit. The texture is eye-catching and incorporating this fabric in your neutral or monochrome outfit will instantly create some dimension and interest. Suede jackets can be worn for casual occasions or dressed up for formal events at night. Since some suede jackets are stiff and structured, they give a bulky and oversized feel. So, it’s better to search for softer ones as it offers more tailored and fitted feel that can flatter your figure. Neutral shades and darker colors of suede jackets conceal marks and imperfections. Though there are suede jackets in lighter shades like pink and yellow, remember to be careful in wearing them as suede has the tendency to rub against other colored ensembles and can bleed color into the material leaving the jacket difficult to clean.

black suede skirt with yellow blouse suede skirt with denim jacket suede jacket and pants lace blouse with suede skirt knitted top with suede skirt chambray shirt with suede skirt

Since suede tends to be stiff and shapeless, mini skirts are the best skirt length to opt for. Think of other versatile pieces that can be paired with you suede skirt like a denim jacket, tank top, knitted sweater, basic tee, feminine blouse and so forth. When accessorizing, avoid clingy ones that may scratch against your suede ensembles. Just choose pieces that are simple with a minimum amount of detail, like silk scarves as it can contrast well with the texture and style of your suede skirt and a safer alternative compared to dangling accessories, spiked bracelets, coarse bags, and such.

green suede dress

A suede dress can be shapeless unless tailored in a form hugging fit. Suede dresses are more susceptible to scratches and tears so be careful when you’re wearing a shoulder bag, dangling necklaces, spiked earrings, and even jackets with spikes, studs, or embellishments.

Suede is a creative way to embrace the 70’s fashion and to show off your bohemian style. Just be tasteful and creative with your styling and embrace the hippie and gypsy style of the 70’s with suede.



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