Zara- City Office Bag and outfit ideas

HI girlies, today i will review my new Zara- City Office Bag + outfit ideas !Zara- City Office Bag

I have been wanting a big ole satchel looking bag for a long time now, and after seeing this bag on the Zara website I fell in love. It was just over a month ago that I visited Harrods in London and caught my eye on a Prada Saffiano bag. It is just a shame that they are all out of my price range. Many people have said this is a “dupe” of the Prada bag. Obviously nothing is as good as the real thing but this will have to do for now, until some nice rich man can buy me a real one.

So after a lot of time debating like I always do about something which is slightly expensive, I gave in and bought this beauty. My way of justifying this purchase was that I needed it for hand luggage for when I go on holiday. The bag is huge and has many different compartments so makes travelling easy, especially if you take as much stuff as I zara tote bag

It has a large section in the middle which is padded and is said to be used for a laptop. My 17 inch laptop fits just perfectly into this bag, so any bigger I am guessing would not fit. It also has a smaller padded section nearer to the edge of the bag and is said to fit an iPad.

It also has a section where you can put cards and a mini zip pocket for keys or other important things. The card section is really good for those who use the tube and constantly need their travel bag review

Another great thing about this bag is that it can be held by just its handles but those who are not into holding a 375e hefty bag it also comes with a longer shoulder strap that is adjustable and can also be removed. I prefer holding the bag on my shoulder, especially if I am carrying a heavy laptop.
zara tote bag review
This is just a perfect all rounder business bag with loads of spacious pockets which can hold just about anything. Zara has done good here! It is not being sold on the website any more, but I am sure it is still in store and I am certain, due to its popularity it will be back!

Here is a few outfit ideas i find interesting :cool outfit with black tote tote bag outfit hipster outfit with tote bag boyfriend jeans black tote

Rachel x

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