Your Basic Guide to Proper Fit and Great Style

Fit matters because if you don’t have fit, you don’t have style. Whether you choose to wear just a pair of jeans and a white tee, you can still manage to look chic and put together as long as your outfit fits you well. Since proper fit is the key to style and looking put-together, keep on reading for our basic guidelines.

  1. The seam of the shoulder should more or less match where your real shoulder is, and the sleeves should fit just a little past your wrist.

checkered shorts with white top

white blouse with skinny jeans striped athletic pants with white blouse

Regardless how billowy or loose the structure of your top is, the shoulder seams should line up with your shoulders.  If the seam goes too far past your shoulder it will awkwardly broaden your shoulders and make you look like you’re swimming in your clothes, which you don’t want. That’s the reason why oversized tops, blazers, and coats look slouchy.

  1. Button-fronts should close without gaping.

button front shirt with denim skirt sneakers with sporty casual outfit chic blouse with shorts

Whether you’re wearing a button-down shirt, cardigan, or jacket, the garment should fit you well. If the garment gapes when buttoned, no matter what bust size you are, it’s too small. Think of going for a half size larger if you have larger busts, or consider getting it tailored to fit you perfectly.

  1. The hem of your top shirt should end around mid hip, and not too far past the crotch of your pants.

printed blouse with skinny jeans white top with breezy shorts sweater with skinny jeans

Except you’re wearing leggings that need to team with longer tops, you should go for a shirt that ends around mid-hip to elongate your leg line.  If you think you’re just trying to hide your midsection with long tops, you’re actually just creating a weird silhouette and accentuating your midsection even more.

  1. If you’re concerned on muffin tops, opt for higher-rise of pants.

leather trousers with black coat white pants with chic blazer sailor vest with tank top and lightweight pants

If you see some muffin top, your waistband might be too small or you’re wearing the wrong size. If you already opt for your size and that doesn’t work, try going with a higher rise as low rises usually sit a few inches below your belly button which does nothing to help contain and control any sort of tummy, in which case it’ll spill out over the jeans and form a muffin top. On the other hand, higher rise of pants will contain everything where it should be, so mid-rise would be great.

  1. Go for pant hems that will be suitable for your shoes.

skinny jeans with structured coat skinny jeans with striped shirt skinny jeans with leather jacket and classic pumps

Pant hems usually depend on the cut of your pants and the shoes you’re about to wear with them. Basically, they shouldn’t be so long that your pants drag on the ground as it will pull the eye downward and will give the overall appearance of droopiness rather than polished. With our basic guidelines, you’ll be able to get your perfect fit at all times while keeping that polished style.

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