Winter Wardrobe Must Haves for Stylish Moms to Be

Being a mom-to-be is one of the most joyful things that can happen to any woman but accommodating a growing belly can be a problem style-wise. With winter being on full blast right now, the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep you and your tummy warm. If you’re expecting your little bundle of joy soon and you’re looking for ways to dress up that bump and keep it warm and cute, check out these winter wardrobe must haves for stylish moms-to-be. Most of the things on the list are stuff that you can wear post-maternity so they’re very practical as well. Check them out below.

  • MATERNITY JEANS – unless you don’t mind ruining your regular jeans, you should definitely invest in maternity ones. These come with waist bands that will accommodate your growing belly so you can definitely use them all throughout your pregnancy and even after giving birth while you’re working on getting the baby weight off.

maternity jeans outfit

maternity jeans

  • STRETCHY SHIRTS – these are very basic but these will let you mix and match to your heart’s content. In case you’re still in your early stages of pregnancy this winter, just know that these will be great for spring and summer as well.

stretchy white shirt stretchy shirt outfit

  • LEGGINGS – these are another one of the basics that you’ll be needing lots of. Leggings are great for pregnant ladies like you because they’re stretchy and oh-so-comfy. They’re great for layering and they make great lounge-around pants too.

leggings maternity outfit leggings outfit

  • BLANKET CAPE COATS – these are all the rage these days and they’re perfect for women who are preggo because they’re stylish, comfy and, most importantly, they can accommodate a growing belly. After giving birth you can wear these when traveling so you have something to cozy up in while on board.

blanket cape blanket cape coat

  • OPEN FRON OUTERWEAR – aside from blanket cape coats, you should also get a couple or more of outerwear pieces with an open-front style. These won’t give you any trouble when it comes to fitting in them because they don’t go over your belly but they still do a great job keeping you warm and cozy.

outerwear for pregnant ladies outerwear outfit

  • MAXI DRESSES – if you love flaunting your feminine side, a maxi dress is a must. Wear them with your open-front outerwear pieces or throw on a warm knit sweater on top to make them winter-friendly and then you can re-use them in spring on their own or with a lighter cardigan.

maxi dress and leather jacket maxi dress and jacket

  • FLAT / LOW-HEELED BOOTS – if you live in an area where winter days are wet, opt for flat boots. They’re comfier and much safer to walk in. They don’t have to be UGGs or UGG-like boots if those aren’t your thing. There are lots of sleeker flat boots that you can get. If you really want to wear heels, at least choose those with lower heels so you don’t run the risk of slipping or falling over.

boots for snow boots for winter

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