Which Travel Clothes Are Worth the Money

Before going on a trip, make sure first you have a wardrobe purpose-built for globetrotting. However, you don’t have to buy expensive, specialized travel clothes just to explore the world. Whether it’s a shirt made out of wrinkle-free, waterproof, bug-repellent, and such, keep on reading for our guidelines on picking the travel clothes that are worth the money.

  1. Water-resistant or waterproof clothes

fur top with patent trousers

oversized sweater with wrap skirt and edgy boots

Always go for pants, shirts, jackets, and boots meant to protect you from damp weather. This is especially true if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors in a changeable climate where waterproof clothes are functional. Water-resistant clothes stand up to prolonged or heavy downpours.

  1. Wrinkle-free clothes

checkered coat with dress and boots tweed coat with travel outfitcozy travel outfit

When you’re on vacation, you wouldn’t want to waste your time ironing your clothes. So, opt for wrinkle-free clothes so they’ll come out of your suitcase looking as fresh as they did when they went in. Before going shopping, take a look at your wardrobe first as you probably already own a few wrinkle-resistant clothes. Also, rolling clothes or separating them with layers of plastic in your suitcase can help reduce wrinkles.

  1. Travel vests and jackets

vest with jacket and edgy boots jacket with layered outfit travel outfit with duffel coat

Travel jackets and vests go double duty as they can keep you warm while accommodating your essentials in its pockets where you can stow just about anything that makes you save valuable space in your carry-on. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for a chic black duffel coat that can be functional at the same time stylish for a traveler’s look.

  1. Bug-repellent clothes

all black outfit with cardigan leather trousers with oversized sweater

Many travelers seek to avoid insect-borne illnesses. Though you may pack a bug spray, you may also purchase clothes that have been treated with an insect repellent designed for fabric. You may pick up a bottle of permethrin and spray your existing wardrobe. However, the savings you can get from this is just a short term as the clothes you’ve treated yourself are typically only protected for about six weeks or six washings, while some factory-treated clothes will keep you bug-free for up to 70 washings.

  1. Pickpocket-proof clothes

urban jumpsuit with sneakers effortlessly cool outfit

A little extra security is never a bad thing, especially if you regularly ride public transportation, walk around busy city streets, or visit crowded tourist attractions when you travel. Think of pickpocket proof clothes with hidden pockets secured by multiple fastenings that can keep you safe. Also, it’s cheaper to buy a money pouch that you can wear under your clothes to conceal valuables. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to make your trip a memorable journey.

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