What to Wear with Summer Hats

Summer outfits are definitely incomplete without summer hats. Not only are they fashionable, they provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Step up your A-game with these fashion ideas for what to wear with summer hats:

Wide-Brimmed Hats

Wide-brimmed hats offer the best protection against the sun mainly because of its extensive coverage. With that being said, there is no difficulty with what to wear with summer hats.

Planning on visiting the beach? Wear your wide-brimmed hat with a strappy top, flirty shorts, and a printed kimono cover-up.

strappy top and shorts

Want to look casual? Wear your summer hat with a lightweight sweater and a printed bodycon skirt.

sweater and skirt

Gunning for a pretty and innocent look? Then a frilly dress should be your top choice as for what to wear with summer hats.

frilly dress

Bucket Hat

If you want a hat that’s more casual and laidback, then a bucket hat is what you need. Because of its free-spirited vibe, you won’t have a hard time choosing what to wear with summer hats.

For a classic look, you can never go wrong with a printed dress and a bucket hat.

dress and bucket hat summer dress and bucket hat

Is it chillier in your area? Worry not as you can still get the summery vibe that bucket hats convey. It’s as simple as layering your summer dress with a denim button-down shirt.

denim jacket and summer dress

Floppy Straw Hat

Nothing screams ‘summer’ more than a floppy straw hat. Available in a variety of colors and designs, it is the focal point with regards to what to wear with summer hats.

Because of its simple style, a cute dress should be your top choice as for what to wear with summer hats.

black straw hatfloppy straw hat

Of course, a timeless shirt and shorts combo also looks well with a floppy straw hat. Add oversized sunglasses and a bucket tote for a stylish summer look.

straw hat outfit floppy straw hat outfit


When it comes to what to wear with summer hats, you can never go wrong with a trilby. This timeless classic is perfect for summer and other seasons as well. In fact, you can perfect the look simply by wearing it with a plain black dress (or a printed one, it’s definitely up to you!)

trilby and striped dress

While it’s summery in nature, it can be worn for dressier events as well. Just wear it with a formal top (a sleeveless button-down top would do this season) and jeans for a casual yet glam look. Take Miranda Kerr as your style inspiration for a look that could never go wrong.

trilby outfit

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