What to Wear with Slip-on Sneakers

Wonderfully crisp, simple, and practical, slip-on sneakers are a more casual and sporty version of a loafer or lace-less oxford rather than sporty kicks. This is a great footwear choice if you wish to look sporty without losing the sophisticated and chic side of you as they’re now widely available in leather, canvas, or even in stylish prints. Looking for ideas on what to wear with no lace sneakers? Keep on reading for our styling tricks.

acid washed jeans with chambray shirt and metallic sneakers

casual chic outfit with metallic sneakers casual cool outfit with sneakers denim jacket and jeans with denim sneakers

Since slip-on sneakers have its laid-back and cool feel, they’ll go perfect with your casual denim ensembles like skinny jeans, chambray top, or even a denim-on-denim outfit. For adding some glamour to your casual cool looks, opt for metallic version of sneakers that look perfect for your casual day out and night out with friends. But, to channel your casual vibe even more, copy Chiara Ferrgani’s style by wearing denim pieces head-to-toe even picking sneakers in denim fabric.

sporty chic outfit with blue sneakers sporty chic outfit with sneakers

To give a little more polish to your sporty-chic side, opt for other breezy and comfy pieces apart from denim items and wear them with your chic and trendy slip-on sneakers. A pair of breezy shorts, laidback skirt, simple tee, blazer, knitted top, knitted sweater, wool coat and such can be complemented by your sneakers without the fuss of laces. Most of the toe-boxes of slip-on sneakers are round, but some have a pointy toe and the occasional metal toe cap that make them look dressier. The soles are usually a little chunky and shade of whites that look sporty but styles with black soles do exist.

leather sneakers with striped dress and coat leather sneakers with striped dress marsala top and shorts with sneakers leather shorts with chic top and slip on sneakers

Apart from denim and canvas textile, sneakers are now also in leather material that makes them look edgier rather than sporty. Whether they are plain or patterned, studded or textured, sneakers are great alternatives for your edgy loafers, brogues, and oxfords for giving some edgy and sporty-chic vibe on your looks. Though better worn with edgy leather trousers or sexy leather shorts, they’ll still look perfect with other casual-chic outfits and still make a statement on themselves.

snakeskin sneakers with casual outfit snakeskin sneakers with white outfit canvas slip on sneakers with feminine outfit

If you think slip on sneakers are only great for dressing down your too formal or feminine outfits, you’re wrong as they can be now worn to dress up your most basic pieces. Slip-on sneakers are also available with platform heels, with stylish and elegant prints like leopard, snakeskin, zebra and such making it as a perfect alternative to your feminine pumps and ankle boots. They can create an interesting juxtaposition when worn with dressier outfit pieces.

winter white outfit with sneakers leather trousers with blue coat and sneakers chic outfit with sneakers

Slip-on sneakers can look stumpy and dumpy because they are flat and high vamped. So when creating a sophisticated and chic fashion style with this footwear, always create a longer leg line with your outfit. When wearing black leather trousers, wear your slip-on sneakers in a color that is low contrast, or color similar to your trousers like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur. When wearing your slip-on sneakers with dressy pieces, pick a shorter hemline of skirts or dresses and create a subtle contrast between your skin tone and the slip-on sneaker when sporting them with bare legs.

This way, you’ll look more fashionable and chic while maintaining your sporty side and enjoying the comfort of a laidback footwear.

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