What to Wear with Paper Bag Waist Bottoms

Ruffled at the top and flared at the hem, paper bag waist bottoms are one of the trendy pieces emerging right now that you can go for to refresh your feminine style. There is a tied belt or ribbon around the waistband with gathers and ruffles while it falls to either a slightly or completely flared hem. Because of its tight and gathered waistline and flared hem, paper bag waist bottoms create a natural flair on your curve. Whether you’re going for a casual walk in the town or a party with friends, keep on reading for our styling tricks on wearing the trend.

Crop Top

crop top with military paper bag pants

leather crop top with paper bag wide leg pants

Because of the ruffled and gathered look at the waistline, you might want to tuck in your top and show off its design with a crop top. For a military-inspired look, copy Jane Aldridge’s style of wearing her buttoned crop top with military paper bag waist pants and a biker jacket. Her choice of fabric, color, and sandals pulled the military look together making it look effortless and edgy. For a modern yet edgy style, be inspired by Kristina Bazan of wearing a leather crop top with oversized paper bag waist pants and structured coat that created an unexpectedly modern feel.

Button-down Shirt

button down shirt wth paper bag skirt sheer button down blouse with paper bag shorts paper bag skirt with floral blouse novelty print shirt with paper bag shorts and ankle boots navy button down shirt with paper bag pants

Since your paper bag waist bottoms have a very gathered and ruffled look, you don’t want to hide that underneath a long top because it will end up looking like you have a warty stomach. So, skip doing the half-tuck look on your button-down shirt, and tuck them into paper bag waist bottoms to reveal the trendy design. Feel free to go for sheer, printed, chiffon, and dark colored button-down shirts that will make your waist look slimmer.

Tank Top with Blazer

black top and paper bag waist pants with printed blazer tank top with blazer and military pants

Tank top with blazer and paper bag waist bottom can be the perfect combination if you have a muffin top. Since paper bag waist bottom waist generally have a high-waist style and made from firm fabrics, they’ll be able to hold your waist while blazers will create a visual illusion of a slimmer waist through its lapels. When going monochromatic with your outfit, keep in mind that gathers, pleats, and ruffles will only make your waist look heavier. So, better opt for different blocks of color when wearing your tank top, paper bag waist skirt or trousers bottom, and blazer.


black turtleneck with paper bag skirt striped sweater with paper bag shorts paper bag pants with sweater draped sweater with paper bag shorts

When wearing your sweater, opt for ones with lightweight fabrics that you can tuck in your bottoms. Remember, paper bag waist bottoms are already bulky and tucking your bulky fabric beneath them will only make you look heavier than you are. Lightweight knits, draped sweater, or form-fitting sweater can be great to look trendy and functional on your street style especially in the colder months.

Draped Top

paper bag silk skirt with forest green tube top draped top with paper bag shorts draped top with paper bag pants and leopard print blazer

Draped tops are a perfect match with your stiff paper bag waist bottoms. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, go for an off shoulder draped top to balance the stiffness and conservative look of your pants making it more wearable for the warmer months. Running out of ideas on what to wear to your upcoming party? Then, go for a silk paper bag waist skirt to wear with your draped tube top that will make a fashion-forward and glamorous outfit.

Indeed, paper bag waist bottoms are a must-have fashion staple that will add some flirty and feminine vibe to your street style.

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