What to Wear with Overalls

Contrary to popular beliefs, overalls will not make you look juvenile. With the right mixing and matching, you can transform this childhood staple into a summer style piece. Look like the ultimate fashion maven with these tips on what to wear with overalls.

Denim Overalls

If you want a classic look, then what you need are denim overalls. And since denim pretty much goes with anything, you don’t have to worry about what to wear with overalls. In fact, you can treat this onesie as a blank canvass and you can go on from there.

If you are feeling cold, you can copy Alessandra Ambrosio’s look and wear a sweater underneath your denim overalls.

sweater and overalls

But if it’s too hot for words, go towards the opposite direction and show your skin in a cute bralet. A lacy bandeau would do too!bralet and denim overalls

Although denim overalls look casual, you can upgrade your style by wearing it with a chic button-down top. Go sleeveless this summer and switch to a chambray shirt this coming autumn.

collared shirt and overalls

Black Overalls

If you want to look sleek and sophisticated, then ditch the denim overalls for black overalls. Because of its sharp color, you do not have to worry about what to wear with overalls. In fact, you have the fashion world as your oyster!

Want to look sexy and keep your cool this summer? Then wear your black overalls with an itsy-bitsy tank top.

crop top and black overalls
If your black overalls cover much of your chest, you do not have to wear anything underneath. Just throw on long-sleeved top and keep it open for a cool, devil-may-care look.

black overalls and white button down top

If you want a truly unique look, then wear your black overalls with a denim/chambray shirt. You will surely turn heads with this combination.

denim top and black overalls


If you want a more feminine look, then your best choice is the pinafore – or the dress jumper. Because of its girly style, you don’t have to think much about what to wear with overalls such as this one.

embroidered top and denim pinafore

In case you have a pinafore in black, you can make it look more formal by wearing it with a stylish button-down top.

black pinafore

Want to create a fun, casual look? Then layer your pinafore with a printed top. This will create a whimsical look that befits the summer season.

printed shirt and red pinafore printed top and burgundy pinafore

Overalls are not just for kids anymore! With these ideas on what to wear with overalls, you can look like an off-duty model right away!

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