What to Wear with Distressed Denim

Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss, and Selena Gomez are just some of the celebrities who are head-over-heels in love with distressed jeans. After all, these ripped, devil-may-care jeans are perfect for most occasions. Look just like these polished ladies by mastering what to wear with distressed denim


If you want to look formal, then what to wear with distressed denim is a structured blazer. Although ripped jeans are no-nos for the workplace, a dressy blazer can render you stylish enough for a posh dinner with friends.

black blazer and distressed denims

white blazer with distressed denims

Leather Jacket

If you want to look rock chic, then the leather jacket is a good choice on what to wear with distressed denim. Not only is it sleek, this can keep you fashionably warm as well.

leather jacket with distressed denim leather jacket and distressed pants

Plush Coat

Even if winter’s through, you can still wear your plush coat! In fact, it’s a good idea for what to wear with distressed denim. You don’t have to stress too much with regards with to wear underneath, as the plush coat takes your fashion style by the neck. Throw anything on and let the plush coat make you shine!

plush coat and black pants fur coat and ripped jeans

Button-Down Top

When it comes to what to wear with distressed denim, an elegant choice remains to be the button-down top. The crispness of this garment compliments the loose, laidback nature of the ripped jeans. This pairing is perfect for wash days at the office, in case your boss is OK with you wearing denims at work.

white top and ripped jeans dotted button down and ripped pants

Loose Top

Fashion is all about balance. For this reason, a loose top is good thing to consider when choosing what to wear with distressed denim. While this top is perfect for most types of ripped jeans, it will look best with a fitted pair.

striped slouchy shirt black loose top

Graphic Shirt

Unleash the chic tomboy in you by pairing your ripped jeans. This is an easy choice if you are looking for what to wear with distressed denim. After all, a graphic shirt is perfect for casual events and daily strolls. Walk out in this comfy yet stylish combination for a look that commands paparazzi pictures.

graphic top and distressed denims graphic tee and distressed jeans

Sexy Heels

Ripped jeans emit a masculine vibe, so make sure to feminize the look with sexy heels. This is especially the case if you plan on wearing ‘boyish’ items, such as a graphic tee or a button-down shirt. Remember: as long as you know the rules of what to wear with distressed denim, you can look like an off-duty model in your sexy heels.

heels and ripped jeans nude heels and distressed jeans

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