What to Wear with Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are back and they’re bigger than ever! These dependable sandals are go-to wears for spring, summer, even autumn too! If you are thinking of concocting OOTDs with a touch of Birks, then do follow these tips on what to wear with Birkenstocks.

Dress it Up

While Birkenstocks are menswear-inspired shoes, they go well with girly outfits as well. So if you want to stay comfy in your feminine frock, then a dress is something you should consider when it comes to what to wear with Birkenstocks. Be it a frilly dress or a simple, structured one, Birks allow you to tread the streets comfortably – while still looking like a queen.


dress outfit

Don’t Sweat it

While it is true that Birks look good with anything, there is something you should wear with it – so you can achieve a nouveau cool look. Sweatpants are something you should consider when it comes to what to wear with Birkenstocks. Wearing these bottoms can be quite challenging because of its loose, athletic nature, but once you wear it with Birks, your whole fashion game will be changed. It looks good with basic shirts – even ornate ones – so you really won’t have a problem should you decide to wear your Birks with your trusty old sweatpants.

sweatpants sweatpants outfit

Rompers Rule

Rompers are great one-pieces that cover you up fashionably, especially when you don’t have time to mix and match things up. With that being said, a romper is a good choice when it comes to what to wear with Birkenstocks. You don’t have to wear an ornate romper at that, as a simple romper is good enough to elevate your pulled-together Birks outfit.

romper outfit romper

Go Shorty

Enjoy the few remaining days of summer by considering shorts for what to wear with Birkenstocks. These leg-baring minis will help you soak up the sun before fall enters the horizon. Because of the streamlined nature of Birks, it will go great with any sort of shorts – be it ripped denims or a floral and frilly one.

shorts shorts outfit

Sock it Up

Autumn is fast approaching so you can expect the temperatures to lower down anytime soon. Although this is the case, this shouldn’t affect your choices on what to wear with Birkenstocks. You can still wear this spring/summer staple with your favorite pair of socks. With this outfit idea, you can go out and about with your Birks without the fear of freezing your toes off.

socks outfit socks with birks

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