What to Wear with a Floral Blazer

Floral prints are one of the most popular print of choice for spring and summer. It’s perfect for girls who like all things girly and dainty. I personally love to wear florals all year round, not just in summer, because they’re so easy and refreshing on the eyes. They’re also just really to look at and I think they’re great if you want to add a feminine touch to your look without ever being too flirty. Today, I’ll be showing you some of my favorite looks from around the web that includes a floral blazer. If you’re looking for ideas on what to wear with a floral blazer, check out these outfit ideas that I’m about to show you and take inspiration from them.

  • Monochromatic white – wearing white from head to toe always looks immaculate on any day, especially when done right but not everyone gets excited about wearing just one color all day. If you like the look of a monochromatic white outfit but think that it’s too boring, why not add a cute floral blazer on top of your outfit to add beautiful detail to your look.

monochromatic white

all white with floral blazer

  • Dress – if you want to sport a sweet look and you want to go all out on your girly style, why not mix and match a pretty dress with an equally pretty floral blazer? This look just screams feminine all over. Complete the look with a pair of sexy heels for a nice and posh look or give your outfit an easier and more laidback twist by wearing a pair of flats or sandals instead. I personally prefer the latter for summer months.

floral blazer and pink dres white lace dress and floral blazer

  • Jeans – if you think you can only pull off girly and dressy outfits with a floral blazer, think again! You can also do street style and casual outfits with your floral blazer by wearing it with your favorite pair of jeans or with distressed / ripped jeans. These casual and street style looks will have a very sweet vibe so it’s perfect if you want to look cute and girly while doing a casual look. As to what to wear underneath, you can pretty much wear anything that you want – from a tank top to t-shirt to a nice and dressy top.

chic summer look street style weekend look

  • Other prints – you may have already heard of the print on print trend but in case you haven’t it’s basically just mixing and matching different prints in one look to create on cool and cohesive look. If you have a floral blazer and you want to get in on the print on print trend, simply wear your floral blazer with a piece that features another print / pattern such as graphic prints, stripes or polka dots.

graphic shirt and dotted skirt stripes and floral blazer

  • With shorts – this summer, give your casual looks a girly take by wearing shorts with a floral blazer. This outfit combination creates a polished feminine look that you can wear to a daytime date with your boo or to a quick lunch out with your friends or maybe even to coffee with one of your BFFs.

white shorts and floral blazer tattered shorts and blazer

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