What to Wear to Your Own Birthday Party

Dressing for a party may be fun, but deciding what to wear to your own birthday party is kind of a big deal. You’ll stand out in the best way possible as all of your favorite people will be there, and everyone will want a picture with the birthday girl, which you’ll likely dress chic yet comfortable. So keep on reading for our outfit ideas that are perfect for your special day.

Formal Party Dress

chic lace dress with cut out bag

lace ballroom dress with sandals draped pastel dress

If you’re going to have a formal celebration, think of party dresses or cocktail outfits that will make your day more special. Look for dresses that flatter your figure perfectly and go for more formal fabrics like lace, silk, velvet and such that will add more sophistication to your party looks, which is more appropriate since you’re the celebrant.

Crop Top with Skirt

pastel blue matching set preppy bandeau top with skirtfloral print matching set

If you wish to look effortless yet breezy on your party looks, resort to matching sets. Floral print matching sets are great, though you may go for plain pastel colored ones if you’re a minimalist. You may also go for bandeau tops and crop tops that can be worn with full skirts to make your style more feminine and chic.

Girl’s Night Out Dress

sexy baroque print dress printed party dress printed dress with metallic gold pumps

If you’re a party girl and most of your invites are the companions in your girl’s night out, think of a bit sexy yet chic dresses that will add some spice to your special occasion. If going for leather pieces sound too hot in the summer, resort to shorter dresses with elegant yet edgy trims to keep your style chic. Just finish your outfit with a pair of stiletto heels that will add some sexy vibe to your looks.

Chic Top with Trousers

chic trousers with crop top pastel outfit with colored jeans lace top with jeans

If you don’t want to get overdressed, simply opt for top and pants combination. A pair of skinny jeans will look a bit dressy with a lace blouse, or simply go for pastel colored pieces and dress it up with a silk scarf that can do the tricks for you.

Romantic Outfits

lace blouse with pink skirt romantic floral print dress with red shoes pink dress with necklace

Flaunt your feminine side with romantic fabrics, colors, and prints. Think of a pastel pink dress that can be spiced up with a statement necklace, or a chic blouse that can be teamed with a pastel pink skirt. For an effortless statement, go for a floral print dress that will look chi with a pair of red shoes.

Outfit with a Statement Print

floral print maxi dress art deco matching set abstract print outfit with lugsole shoes

If you want to stand out from the crowd without looking trying too hard, simply opt for a statement print that’s unique. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, look breezy chic with an art deco-inspired print while looking cool on your matching set. Or, take your stripe fashion up a notch like Sofie Valkiers by going for rainbow colored striped dress that looks trendy yet dressy. With these outfit ideas, you’ll be able to make your special day more memorable and fashion-forward.

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