What to Wear to a Job Interview – 17 interview outfit ideas

Since first impression on an interview counts so much, and you don’t want to look out of the race before the interview even begins. Style must meet professionalism so don’t dare to wear anything too fashion forward or better suited for a night of cocktails with your friends than a serious job interview. Since your attire will play a vital role in dictating the final outcome of your job interview, keep on reading to get some tricks on how to dress for the industry in which you’re interviewing.

black suit with dress pants

white suit with dress pants white suit with white skirt black suit with dress

You should be aspiring to dress one notch above what you would normally consider suitable for work. Suits never go out of fashion and you have the choice to pair it with a dress, trousers, or skirt. Just bear in mind that the skirt’s hemline should fall no more than above the knee and should not be long enough so you can sit down comfortably.

cashmere coat with pleated skirt coat with job interview outfit

Limit your accessories like jewelry and no dangling earrings or arms full of bracelets. It’s not the time to show off your statement accessories though may have a structured bag, scarf, and sunglasses. But, do not be too adventurous with the shoes. Since shoes can be the female equivalent of the shiny suit, keep heels at a sensible height and go for a neutral one in closed-style.

blue dress with light blue blazer peach dress with white blazer black coat with printed pants

Other outerwear like blazer, coat, and cardigan are great alternatives to a suit. Just keep them tamed by opting for a similar shade of your typical job interview outfit or neutral ones. It’s not the time to show off your creativity and artistic skills on color blocking and clashing strong colors, but to show your professionalism in a neat and respectable look.

blue coat with suede shoes job interview outfit purple coat with classic shoes black dress with structured blazer

When choosing colors, neutrals are a great selection but blue is the most recommended color. Shades of blue send the message that you’re credible, confident, and trustworthy according to experts and you’re more likely to get the job when you wear navy blue to an interview than any other color. Just be wary of choosing navy blue for more creative job interviews as you could come off looking too conservative. Instead, wear purple and yellow for interviews in creative fields as purple sends the message of being artistic and unique, while yellow projects optimism and creativity. Speaking of neutrals, black, gray, and white are great. White sends the message that you’re organized and detail-oriented while black conveys leadership that is great for management positions. Gray is the ultimate safe choice if you want to send the message that you are both logical and analytical. Just avoid brown, red, and orange on your job interview outfit. Though brown doesn’t have negative connotations, it can also convey the image that you are simple and old-fashioned, instead of being forward-thinking and modern. On the other hand, red sends a message of power, but not in a good way as it can come off as domineering and rebellious. But, there’s an exception to every rule, where red can be a great color in fields like sales and the law as being aggressive is considered a positive. Just don’t wear orange as it is associated with someone who’s unprofessional.

gray dress with button down shirt nude dress with cute tote bag button down shirt with dress pants button down shirt with pencil skirt shirtdress with skirt and leather gloves

Also, you can go for knee-length dresses or skirts in neutral or classic colors. Keep in mind that patterns should be avoided though classic patterns like stripes, checks, houndstooth and such are just good. It’s not also the time to showcase your print mixing skills as it may take the professionalism away from you. So, save your statement prints for the weekend and go for a plain button down shirt or one with simple stripes that’s better.

If you look great, you’ll feel great and there will be a much higher chance of you storming your job interview. So, whatever you wish to wear, start with a fairly safe, uncomplicated canvas, and add a splash of your own personality with strong confidence and optimism.





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