What to Wear Instead of a Fabric Tie Belt

Though some garments are sold with fabric tie belts with them, fabric tie belts are the enemy of your waist, making a waist look broader if you don’t naturally have a very small and tapered waist. Belts are an accessory that can add interest and detail to your outfit. If you’re looking for belts that you can wear instead of a fabric tie belt, keep on reading for our style guidelines.

Chain Belts


gold-chanel-chain-belt-in-black-dress gold-chain-belt-with-elegant-outfit

Belts can add definition or highlight your waist or hips depending where you’re wearing them. However, they can also draw an unflattering horizontal line which is broadening if you already have a broad torso. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you can make your elegant outfit more classy with a gold chain belt. If you wish to dress up your basic outfit, think of gold or silver chain belts can take you from day to night.

Slim Belts

breezy-skirt-with-turtleneck-top white-dress-vest-with-slim-belt-and-cobalt-blue-lace-up-sandals slim-vest-with-trench-dress-and-classic-pumps

Timeless and functional, slim belts can add definition to your waistline, especially with your tall and slim. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, think of a plain belt that can add some curves to your trench coat dress. If you simply wish to add some definition to your waist without breaking your outfit colors, match the color of your belt with your skirt like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang did, wearing a black leather belt with a black skirt.

Gold Belts

button-down-shirtdress-with-gold-belt gold-belt-with-metallic-pants-and-vest

Gold is an opulent shade that can add some glam to any outfits you’re wearing. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, make your basic black shirt dress a bit editorial inspired by wearing it with a gold belt and a pair of lace-up boots that can change its look. Also, you can resort to gold belts when heading to formal parties, which will complement your glamorous outfits effortlessly.

Printed or Jeweled Belts

jeweled-belt-with-fur-skirt-and-white-vest leopard-print-belt-with-striped-pants-and-polka-dots-top

Belts can define your slim waistline, but it can also add bulk depending on how are you going to style them. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may team your leopard print belt with your polka dots top and striped pants to make your outfit trendy and hip. For a more glamorous look, you may go for jeweled belts that will go well with a plain top and a fur skirt just like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez wore.

Avant-garde or Architectural Belts

avant-garde-belt-with-harem-pants-and-statement-top architectural-belt-with-white-shirtdress

Belts can make your simple outfit avant-garde or modern. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, think of wide avant-garde belt that will look editorial-inspired with a pair of silk harem pants and a statement top. Or, simply refresh your white shirtdress with an architectural belt and winged sandals like fashion blogger Janni Deler wore. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look more stylish and flattering on your outfits.