What to Wear If You’re Short-Waisted

A balanced body type gives an impression of great proportions, however, it’s not considered ideal because the legs can easily be shortened with dress and make you look frumpy. On the other hand, if you’re having short waisted and long legs, your body type is more ideal since long legs are more appreciated than a long waist as it can make you look taller than you are. Looking for styling tricks to make advantage of your body type and give you a taller silhouette? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks.

Being short-waisted should not be confused with being short on the rise. When the measurement from your natural waist to your crotch is short, your rise measurement is usually referred to as “petite” or short even if you’re an average height of 5′ 4″ or above. A great thing, a person with long legs can trick the eye into believing that they’re tall even though they’re short to average height.

1. striped dress with red flats 1. structured bag with maxi dress

When accessorizing, go for accessories that will pull the eye down so you may choose statement belts over statement necklaces. Wear belts to accentuate your waist but refrain from wearing broad waist cinching belts that make your waist look shorter. Also, a wide belt at the waist accentuates the short waist, making the top half look out of proportion with the bottom half. So, opt for loosely slung narrower belts like chain belts to give the illusion of longer waist. Also, bags that end around your hip-level and rounded flats or shoes with low heels are flattering for you.

collared blouse with pants cute coat with structured bag leather jacket with blue dress neutral colored outfit long top with pants

When you’re short-waisted, you’ll want to wear clothing that elongates your waist. So, go for un-tucked longer tops and tunics fitted on the shoulders and waist to accentuate your shape. This is another way of hiding where your waist actually is. If you are short, just avoid going below knuckle length. Tops with interest above the bust like collars or an interesting neckline like a deep V-neck draws the focus upwards and away from your waist. Instead of cropped styles, you may go for cardigans and jackets that end at hip-level or below to elongate your waistline.

3. black and white outfit black collared top with neon skirt chevron top with cute pants heart print blouse with pants polka dots top with pants

Go for a dark colored top to elongate your waist and light colored bottom like tail dip skirt draws attention to your fabulous legs. If you’re not a fan of colors, then go for prints with vertical details at the waist to balance your frame. These lines give the illusion that your top half is longer than it is. If you wear prints like polka dots, limit it to your top and make sure your top ends by your hips.

nude ruffled dress black collared dress with coat

Avoid dresses with a waistband as the break between your upper and bottom makes your waist even shorter. Just in case you do need a belt, go for a narrow one that’s in the same color as your outfit to minimize attention to the waist area.

boyfriend jeans with printed top

What you don’t want to do is draw attention directly to your middle so go for low-rise pants and skirts especially if you intend tucking your top into your bottoms. Knee length skirts are also ideal for you. Also, choose paneled skirts with low slung waistlines and strong vertical seaming for a flattering style.



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