What to Wear If You’re Long-Waisted

Your vertical body shape can determine if you need to buy clothing made for petite or tall women. When the measurements between your shoulders and natural waist are longer than average, you are long-waisted. It may be a little challenging for you to find clothes that are flattering because most clothes are designed for people with average proportions. Looking for styling ideas how to dress to flatter your body type? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks.

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Long-waisted women usually have short legs that give people the impression that they’re short even though they’re an average or tall height. And, if you fit this description of having a long waist, you should wear clothing that shortens your waist and lengthens your legs as you may still have to wear petite pants even you’re tall because your legs are short. But, if you’re still unsure about it, the best way to determine your body type according to Imogen of Inside Out Style is to do a self-assessment. First, stand up straight, and see if you can fit two hand widths under your bust to your waist at its narrowest point. If you can fit more than two hand widths, you have a long waist, but if you can fit less than two, you have a short waist.

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Let’s begin by picking the right accessories for you. Get some accessories that draw the eye up towards your face and shoulders like beautiful earrings or a statement necklace. Long-waisted women seem to have a lot of room between the ribcage and waist so fill that up that space with a belt. To gracefully break up the length of your waist, wear a medium to thick waist-cinching belt in a contrasting color above your natural waistline. Also, belts that match the color of your bottoms also add to the effect. Whether a sling bag or a shoulder bag, they must extend at your mid-section. To heighten the effect of longer legs, wear shoes the same color as your pants, or nude shoes that blends with your skin tone when wearing skirts and dresses. Same color of pants and shoes creates an unbroken line that makes you look taller and thinner while heels also help to pump up your height. Just avoid ankle straps or ankle socks that shorten your legs and chunky heels that make your legs look heavy. Instead, opt for classic pumps without straps or pointy toe flats, not round, to visually add a couple of extra inches to your legs.

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Tops for long-waisted women can be challenging to find because you need to have a top or shirt that is long enough to reach your naturally low waist. For a quick fix, you may look for longer tops and tuck it in your mid to high-rise pants or skirt to shorten your waist visually. Tucking your top in will also raise your waistline and make you look more in proportion. Or, wear tops that taper above the natural waist like empire lines. Layer with contrasting top colors to visually break up the waist or look for tops with horizontal detailing like stripes, yokes, and exaggerated collars to raise the eye upward and the waistline too.

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When looking for jackets, go for cropped styles that end higher up on your waist and not longer than hip bone to expose more of your lower body. High belted style jackets, coats, blouses as well as boleros and wrap blouses are especially good. You may also look for tunics that hits above the crotch, or else, it will shorten your legs. A 3/4 sleeve length especially one that is cuffed or otherwise detailed at the sleeves draws the eye upwards and balances your frame, as does a wide neckline, like an off-the-shoulder or boat neck style.

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Choose dresses that have an A-line or an empire waist that is narrow up top and gently taper outward to create the illusion of a raised waist. So, the focus remains high, and away from your low center point. These styles make your waist appear higher than it is, thus making your legs appear longer too. They’re also perfect for women with long torsos but don’t have a defined waistline.

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Since your body type makes your legs seem shorter, make use your clothes to add length to your bottom half. Avoid low rise pants as well as pants with cuffs as they make your legs look stubby. Low-rise jeans with a shorter top only accentuate your long waist cutting you in the middle and make your legs look shorter. Also, avoid cropped pants that cut you off mid calf as they will only shorten the legs more. Instead, choose pants that are at your natural waistline or a bit above like medium to high-rise pants to elongate your legs, and raise the appearance of your natural waist. Straight and boot cut pants are great styles for you.

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Wear skirts at the knee or above and with a heel to elongate your legs. If you may, go for a light colored top and dark bottom to elongate your legs. Also, full, flowy, and A-line skirts are flattering on you, as the fullness will visually shorten your torso and balance your frame. On the other hand, a pencil skirt creates a long unbroken line that makes your waist torso appear longer so better avoid high-waisted pencil skirts.

Never feel that you’re not “in” if you aren’t wearing what are supposedly the current trends as not all trends work well with all body types. Don’t be a fashion victim and stick with your own style and wear clothes that flatter you.



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