What to Wear: Dress Codes for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a party, a weekend getaway, or a day out with friends, with so many different dress codes out there, it can be difficult trying to figure out what to wear, even when the type of dress expected is stated on the invitation. I’m sure you don’t like to mess it up by showing up in jeans and sneakers while everyone else is wearing a dress.

You must know first what kind of event you’re going to, the time of the event and the weather, so you’ll have some time to check your closet for different outfits readily available. If there is none, it’s time to shop somewhere else to buy matching shoes, accessories, and the outfit itself.

Different occasions call for different dress codes, stay sharp so you’ll dress to impress. Here are some events you most likely have to attend and the dress codes you might want to keep in mind:

A Wedding

lace top and black skirt

Let the invitation, the weather and time be your guides. Keep in mind that black is suitable for a nighttime wedding and skip whites, since it’s the color exclusively for the bride. Look fabulous as you can without outshining the bride.

“Formal” Occasions

metallic gold dress kristina bazan red gown kristina bazan

This can be a white tie or black tie attire. White tie means ultra formal, where women must be wearing a floor-length formal gown and an up-do hairstyle and a full dress for men – tuxedo with vest, bow tie and even a cummerbund. In the black tie, a long evening gown or a cocktail dress may be acceptable for women while a formal shirt in a dark suit or tuxedo, with or without a vest and a cummerbund is acceptable. There is also a creative black tie, where you can show off your personality in every detail. Men could wear modern tuxedos maybe a black shirt and no tie. Women can go for a long and short dresses or even blouses and skirts.

A Place of Religious Worship

long skirt white top
When one is going to a place of worship, one must dress in a soundness of mind, where modesty and decency must be observed. Ideally, wear a skirt that is below the knee, keep yourself covered where no skin is showing – not revealing or suggestive. Deep necklines, short skirts, and overly casual outfits might be offending to some and should be avoided.

A Job Interview

wrap A-line skirt
The outfit you’re going to wear will reflect how much respect and how deep your interest in the company you’re applying into. Your clothing must complement your skill that is professional, capable and confident. But dressing up in the interview would depend on the field. It could be a business casual – like logistics, editorial, accounting, marketing and business field, which calls for a professional and conservative look. While a fashion-forward casual- like advertising, beauty and design field calls for a fashionable and trendy look. An actor and model’s casting is a different field that calls for a fitted, body hugging outfits, usually tank tops, fitted leggings and shorts for seeing the whole physique of a model.

Business Meeting

red coat dress

One should dress professionally since it can sometimes make or break the deal between business partners and companies you are dealing with.

On a First Date

white lace dress ribbon red shoes
Be yourself. Don’t dress up in the way of trying too hard to impress. You should look who you really are since you supposed to know each other’s personality and qualities. If not, when are you planning to reveal the real you? On a second, third or fourth date?

Meeting the Parents

stripes dress beige and black
Meeting the parents is all about the first impression. Wear simple and smart. It’s not the time for stilettos, plunging necklines, short skirts, and off-the-runway ensembles. So dressing in a conservative manner is a good bet.

“Casual” Events

pink mini skirt printed topcrop top jane aldridge

Casual means anything goes. It can be a smart casual, dressy casual, business casual or even a country club casual. Smart and business casual usually held in office parties, business lunch meetings or happy hours, that’s a usual attire at work. Dressy casual is usually in a dinner and cocktail parties that call for a cocktail length dress and no jeans or shorts. And country club casual could be held in cruise lines, nice restaurants, and a friend’s home dinner.

Pool Party and Beach

cover up hat beach bag

Go for swimsuits and cover ups that complement to your body type. For a beach swimming, maxi dresses or casual rompers are great for throwing on over your swimsuits, keeping you cool and fashionable. You may also want to pair your outfit with a hat, sunglasses and beach bag.

Night on Town

casual cotton dress all white shorts and formal top
You have the freedom to wear anything that feels good to you. Just a simple trick, if you’re planning to wear a backless shirt or tube, go for a longer skirt or tight-fitting jeans and some heels. On the contrary, if you’re going for shorts, wear tops that give you more cover.
Lounge and Night Clubs

black top long A line skirt checkered dress

When hitting the clubs, your objective is to dress to impress. You may go for blacks and sleek.
Wherever you go and whatever you do, there is a style for you. Now that you know what is requested, the next time an event comes up, you don’t have to worry since you already know how to dress yourself up.

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