What To Add in a Tomboy Capsule Wardrobe

Have you ever experienced just waking up one morning, looked at your wardrobe and realized in frustration: what am I going to wear now?

That’s why we have a capsule wardrobe, my fashionable friends. The aim of creating a capsule wardrobe is to streamline your closet with clothes that are complementary to each other and, with this limited number of apparels, assemble outfits for the next several days.

And among many styles, a tomboy chic capsule wardrobe is by far one of the easiest capsule wardrobes to assemble. One reason is how the style itself requires minimalism and a lot of neutrals—colors that are absolutely perfect for a capsule wardrobe.

Below, I give you some essential clothes to add into your tomboy chic capsule wardrobe.


These are the undershirts and, what I like to call, “harmonizers.” Clothes that bring all the pieces of an outfit together. But there are also times when plain tops can be the centerpiece of an ensemble. It really depends on how you wear them. For a tomboy chic capsule wardrobe, three essential plain tops to have are plain tee, a sweater, and a plain button-down. The first two can be in any neutral color you choose while the button-down is highly suggested to be white.plain tee for tomboy capsule wardrobe

sweater for tomboy capsule wardrobe white button shirt for tomboy capsule wardrobe


The tomboy style makes use of graphic tops frequently, so you definitely want to add a printed tee into your capsule wardrobe. You also want to add a muscle tank with a graphic print because it could instantly add an edge to whatever outfit. For patterned ones, striped tee is a dire requirement for a tomboy wardrobe.grey tee for tomboy capsule wardrobemuscle tank for tomboy capsule wardrobestriped tee for tomboy capsule wardrobe


Tomboy looks are all about looking chic and androgynous at the same time. And nothing could achieve such a thing as simply slipping on a jacket. For your capsule wardrobe, you don’t necessarily have to own many jackets. Take three extremely versatile ones and are different kinds. My suggestion is a bomber, leather and denim ones.bomber jacket for tomboy capsule wardrobe leather jacket for tomboy capsule wardrobedenim jacket for tomboy capsule wardrobe


A tomboy outfit will typically not have a skirt or dress anywhere near. Jeans and trousers are the go-to bottoms for this style. Like with jackets, you don’t need too many of these and just take several versatile yet different ones. Go for a pair of denim jeans, a black skinny, a ripped boyfriend jeans and a dressy trouser for formal events.black skinny for tomboy capsule wardrobe boyfriend jeans for tomboy capsule wardrobe slacks for tomboy capsule wardrobe


You don’t really need a lot of shoes for a tomboy look, either. First off, you want to stick with closed, unisex ones because you are aiming for a tomboy chic ensemble. Secondly, no heels. And lastly, like with the jacket and the pants, you want to pick versatile ones that are different kinds of shoes. My suggestion is to add a black leather boots, a classic sneakers, and a pair of loafers for any semi-formal attire.classic sneakers for tomboy capsule wardrobe black boots for tomboy capsule wardrobe loafers for tomboy capsule wardrobe

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