What Does Your Skirt Length Say About You

Many women have skirts in their wardrobes that end at unflattering lengths for them. Some skirts are made for someone with longer legs or intentionally flattering hemline for a fashion-forward woman that might not always flatter your figure. Apart from it, your skirts are saying something behind your back. So, keep on reading to pick the flattering skirt lengths for your body type and personality.

  1. Mini Skirts


ruffled-bandeau-top-with-skirt pleated-full-skirt-with-vintage-top

Depending how short your miniskirt is, you can send negative connotations as some of them seem rebellious and overly provocative. This length says you are risky and don’t think through choices well, especially in the workplace. Like fashion blogger Carly Maddox, you may go for a pleated full skirt in mini length that will keep your style girly and preppy without looking provocative. To keep it safe, opt for miniskirts in longer lengths maybe a few inches above the knees that would be great if you have shorter legs as it gives the illusion of longer legs.

  1. Knee-Length Skirts

tribal-print-skirt-with-white-top midi-skirt-with-crop-top-and-blazer full-skirt-with-graphic-tee

Skirts that fall on the knees, just below the knees, and midi ones are great for a professional workplace. A mid-knee skirt is great that can be worn by everyone, while just below the knee skirts are great for women with longer legs. Midi skirts in high-waist style look ladylike when worn with heels. Like fashion blogger Anjelica Blick, opt for a midi pencil skirt that can give you a good excuse to look decent on a crop top worn with a blazer.

  1. Mid-Calf Skirts

chic-bandeau-top-with-full-midi-skirt rainbow-tee-with-midi-skirt-and-sneakers gingham-print-midi-skirt-with-black-top

Unless you are really lean and tall, avoid this length as it can shorten your frame even more, and makes your legs look heavy. Also, it says you have an inability to deal with change as these old skirts have been with you for a long time and old-fashioned. Make your outfit a bit updated by copying Elsa Ekman’s outfit of wearing a rainbow print tee with your mid-calf skirt and sneakers that will make everything trendy and hip. Or, make it a bit feminine with a preppy bow bandeau top that will go well with chic ballet flats.

  1. Maxi Skirts

white-top-with-denim-maxi-skirt cut-out-maxi-skirt-with-summer-top-and-hat chiffon-maxi-skirt-with-tank-top

Maxi skirts work in a more casual environment or creative workplace, but not for the corporate world. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, you can make your basic tank top looks chic with a chiffon maxi skirt worn with stilettos. A summer look can be completed by a maxi skirt worn with a crop top and straw hat like Jenny Beinheim did. For a casual chic street style, copy Nika Huk’s outfit wearing a denim maxi skirt and white top that will look chic with a pair of lace-up sandals. By considering these tricks, you’ll be able to pick flattering skirts that will suit your lifestyle and personality.

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