What Does Your Fashion Style Say About You?

Your fashion style is an expression of your individuality that’s why sticking to your preferred style will allow you to express your personality and feel comfortable in your outfit whatever the occasion. Ignoring your personality by just buying ensembles that are latest must-haves or trends of the season will just make you lose your identity and personal touch to your style. Also, understanding different types of fashion styles can actually simplify your shopping as they are grouped according to similarities in patterns, fabrics, and even colors. Let’s have a quick review on the most prominent fashion styles that may fit best on you.

Classic Fashion Style

beige trench coat

Classic style expresses modesty, elegance, and sophistication in a timeless manner. White button-down blouses, trench coats, classic pumps, pencil skirts and such are the must-have staples for classic styles. Classic prints such as polka dots, stripes, checks, houndstooth, and plaids as well as neutral colors are an expression of this style. It also focuses on clean uncluttered lines and formal balance. When you love this style, it may show that you are smart, demure, and elegant. Though you may not be very fashion orientated conforming on trends, you can still express your sense of stability through simple elegance in your looks.

Vintage Fashion Style

vintage dress with gold accessories

Vintage style is significant, poetic, and fashionable as these ensembles are older than 20-30 years. Just like the old wine that gets better quality and value as it gets older, vintage fashion is not only a year on the brand, but the design of the past, good quality, and fashion style history. Limited vintage items like vintage skirts, vintage dresses, vintage shoes, and vintage jewelry are a manifestation of this style. If you’re drawn to vintage fashion it may show that you’re quite sentimental, have a high appreciation on quality, and exceptional in your fashion sense.

Bohemian Fashion Style

bohemian dress

Bohemian style concentrates on some exotic patterns and textures and draws inspirations from the gypsy look from the past. Bohemian is famous for ensembles like flared jeans, suede and leather boots, fringe jackets, tie-bands, Aztec print dresses, hippie ponchos and such. Bohemian fashion may express your carefree, wild, and independent nature free from following the trends, but you yourself make your own standards in your style and life.

Grunge Fashion Style

leather trousers

Grunge fashion is known for distressed denim jeans, leather ensembles, corset tops, concert tees, combat boots, well-stacked edgy jewelry, spiked arm chains, studded belts, and such. If you love this style, it may show that you are edgy, strong-willed, and brave.

Gothic Fashion Style

gothic outfit

Gothic fashion is characterized with a dark and morbid style of dresses, boots with elements of metal like buckles, black miniskirts, chains and studs accessories, a stunning array of lace fabrics, dreadlocks, and such. This style conveys mystery to your street looks. Also, some elements in the Gothic style are often borrowed from Victorians, Edwardian, and Elizabethans fashion.

Rock Fashion Style

leather trousers with glam rock outfit

Depending on the rocker style, it may vary from ultra-glam to grunge looks. Ripped denim jeans, leather ensembles, leather boots, graphic tees, bandanas, and rock-chic sunglasses are a must-have of this style. Being a fan of this style may convey your wild and free personality that is afraid of nothing.

Androgynous and Tomboy Fashion Style

black tuxedo

Androgynous and tomboy style is known for simple and manly ensembles like suits, oxfords, brogues, loafers, boyfriend jeans, distressed ensembles, and unisex clothes. This style avoids pink shades and feminine accessories. This style may show your flexible and boyish nature without looking like a dude.

Minimalist Fashion Style

minimalist outfit

Minimalism lets you look incredibly polished with very little effort. This style features clean lines, traditional cuts, clean prints, neutral colors, minimal or balanced accessories, and elegant ensembles. When you choose this style, it just shows your elegance and simplicity in an effortless way.

Artistic Fashion Style

castle inspired skirt

As the name of the style suggests, it pertains to a creative and artistic thinker. Clothes show your artistic themes and avoid conventional clothing. You may be drawn to handcrafted items as well as creative prints that make you a walking masterpiece.

Avant-Garde Fashion Style

choker necklace with white dress

Avant-garde style features high-fashion, extravagant, and luxurious pieces that are not normally worn in casual occasions. This is the opposite of minimalist fashion style. If you love this kind of style in your street looks, it just shows your confident nature who loves to be the center of attention in any room you walk into.

Casual Fashion Style

denim skirt with chambray top

This style is the most laid-back, comfortable, and simple of all the fashion styles. This often features basic pieces like denim items, comfortable shoes like ballet flats or sneakers, t-shirts, comfortable shorts and tops, as well as caps, hats, and sunglasses that give polish to the simple look. If you love this street looks, it just shows your simple and non-complicated nature that loves comfort over sophistication.

Feminine and Romantic Fashion Style

pink maxi dress

This style is all about bringing your femininity through flouncy blouses, ruffle details, lace fabrics, pastel shades, feminine accessories, and such. This style simply shows your feminine nature that is very womanly and stylish.

Fairy Tale Inspired Fashion Style

cute pastel outfit

This style may channel your youthful and whimsical personality through your dreamlike ensembles. Floral headbands, tiaras, tulle skirts, pastel and metallic shades, girly accessories are the must-have staples of this style.

Exotic and Quirky Fashion Style

red funky jumpsuit

This style features your quirky, fun, and eclectic nature. Unconventional prints like chicken prints, duck prints, funky prints, and unconventional ensembles are the characteristics of this style.

Flamboyant Fashion Style

Flamboyant outfit

Flamboyant style is dramatic, energetic, and outgoing. The clothing of this style is often asymmetrical, exaggerated, fringe, multi-colored, and splashy as well as outlandish prints or intensely bright colors of ensembles. If you’re drawn to this style, it may show your dramatic, expressive, and outlandish personality full of fun, playfulness, and creativity.

These are some of one-of-a-kind fashion style that may describe your personality. What are you waiting for? Be brave to be you and show off your style that best speaks about you.






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