What Does Your Clothing Color Choice Say About You?

Colors often have various connotations in different cultures. Every woman has that favorite color they believe they look greatest in. Distinct colors can shift your mood, boost your confidence, or bring joy to your day. But did you know that each color presents a different impression about you? Discover how people view you based on your color choice.


black crop top outfit

all black outfit with white collar

Black is the color of power and authority. The fashion industry delights in black simply because it is very versatile, classic, and elegant. It is also well-liked because it tends to make people look slimmer. Black outfits can also be overwhelming, and people see you as more competent if you are wearing this color. Since too much black could make you look unapproachable, finish it with textures or jewelry to take the edge off.


white coat in a white lace dress plain white dress

White symbolizes innocence, chastity, and purity. This is also one more well-liked fashion color given that it goes with everything. Medical doctors and nurses dress in white to suggest sterility. Since it is a positive color, white implies that you are simple and balanced. But sometimes, white reveals dirt and is for this reason more tough to keep clean than other colors. More than that, it also holds the risk of looking washed out so it is finest to pair it with a vivid or dark piece.


red jumpsuit red clutch

Red is the color of extremes such as power, love, seduction, violence, danger, fire, fury, and adventure. Red suggests you are emotionally strong, whether very passionate or a little aggressive. Since a color stood out, red attire gets spotted and sometimes makes the person look heavier. Since it is an extreme color, be mindful in wearing red clothing in negotiations or confrontations. Nonetheless, if you want to catch the attention, wear red!


orange dress

Orange symbolizes vitality, energy, joy, friendliness, and good health. However, pure orange can be brass and it may suggest an absence of serious values and undesirable preference. Those who love orange tend to be outlandish in nature, and are not likely to have too many serious thoughts. While this color is very alluring and attention catching, it makes you seem welcoming, social, and passionate. But, too much orange might make you look like an inmate, so go for orange accessories, like shoes, to bring a hint of passion to any outfit.


yellow coat and bottom yellow coat

Yellow is the color of happiness, aspiration, sunshine, enlightenment, and creativity. When you’re wearing yellow, it suggests that you are fascinating and dynamic. Sunny yellow is an attention getter. It has been proven to boost focus, which is why it the main color of highlighters and legal notepads. So, if you are feeling down, try wearing yellow since it has mood-boosting qualities. But be mindful in wearing yellow too much. It is the most challenging color for the eye to take in, so it can be overwhelming if overused.


green coat and shawl emerald green dress with black ribbon

Green symbolizes nature, modesty, refreshment, and wealth. Since it is the refreshing color on the eyes, wearing green makes you and the people around you in a good spirit. It is a delightful and soothing color because it is linked to nature and to life. On the other hand, dark green implies prosperity and traditionalism since it is related to money. So if you wish to seek some refreshment, wear green first!


blue lace dress blue coat in blue jeans

Blue, the color of the sky and the ocean, is often associated with loyalty, peace, tranquility, coolness, and serenity. It is cold, calm, and tranquil as opposed to red’s warmth, fire, and intensity. Blue is one of the most emblematic clothing colors such as denim, apart from neutrals like black and white. Wearing blue can make you and the people around you feel at ease and comfortable. Since blue attires signifies loyalty, fashion consultants recommend it as a great option for job interviews.


purple midi skirt

This regal color shows royalty, luxury, nobility, elegance, and wealth. Why? Because about 1900 B.C., the very first purple dyes were taken from 12,000 shellfish to get 1.5 grams of the pure dye that’s just sufficient for dying a single item of clothing; just the dimensions of the Roman toga. That’s why this color was used principally for clothing of the emperors or honored individuals. So, if you are looking for elegance and some inspiration, wear purple because it reveals that you are very self assured, luxurious, and confident with yourself.


pink suit and slacks

Pink is another passionate color that shows a gentle, loving, and feminine nature. Pink suggests that the wearer is understanding, sympathetic, but may sometimes suggest vulnerability as well. If you’ll love to be on a feminine and romantic mood, wear pinks!


brown outfit with fringe

Since brown is the color of the earth and nature, it is associated with simplicity, comfort, and genuineness. Those who adore brown have no need for luxury. They are trustworthy and reputable. They like things as they are, and can do without any difficulties that come with change. A study has revealed that the color brown truly stimulates communication between people more than other colors. So, you may always want to wear more browns in your style!

Your personality color does not need to be the one you wear all the time. It just suggests how you can shift your moods in an instant and how you can express yourself better. Just wear the colors that lift your mood and add more colors to your life!


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