Ways to Wear Rainbow Hair

Have you ever seen anybody rock a head full of colorful locks? If you’ve been out lately or if you’ve been scouring the internet, especially beauty and fashion sites, as of late then chances are that you have. Rainbow hair is the latest trend when it comes to hair color and it is not for the faint of heart. Rainbow hair, as the name suggests, calls for lots of different colors on your tresses all at the same time. It may seem a little crazy at first but it can be done. If you’d like to try out this trend, check out these tips on the different ways to wear rainbow hair.

  • PASTELS – if you think the rainbow hair trend is a little too edgy for your liking and you want to add a softer, more cutesy, girly look to it, wear it with pastel colors. There’s nothing more feminine than soft pastel hues swirling beautifully on your hair. Some of the most popular color combos for this includes bubblegum pink, mint green, pastel purple and yellow. You can also add soft gray into the mix if you don’t want it to be too cotton candy-ish.

pastel rainbow hair look

pastel rainbow hair pastel sea foam green hair

  • BRAIDED – give your rainbow hair a cool twist by braiding your hair while sporting it. Braided rainbow hair is a great way to add drama to the look while also showcasing all the different colors in your locks. You can try doing a waterfall braid for an intriguing look, the traditional three-strand braid or a mermaid braid for a more blended look or you can also do a sunburst braid updo for a really unique look unlike any other.

braided colorful hair

  • CLASSIC ROY G. BIV – want to go all out and traditional on your rainbow hair? Gather up the brightest and the most vibrant hair dyes you can find and mix up a Roy G. Biv (a.k.a all the colors in the rainbow). This is a fantastic way to take rainbow hair to the next level and it is perfect for those with longer hair as you have more ‘blank space’ to fit all seven colors into.

classic rainbow hair classic roy g biv

  • RAINBOW TIPS – don’t want to go all the way? You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Instead, you can keep your natural hair color and just do rainbow tips. This is perfect for those who are new to the world of bold hair colors as it is more subtle and easier to pull off.

rainbow tips on blonde hair

  • THEMED – for a more cohesive look, you can create themes for your rainbow hair. Mermaid hair, for example, calls for shades of green and blue while watermelon hair calls for pink, red and green. Get creative and think of a theme to base your hair color palette on.

themed rainbow hair themed mermaid hair

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