Ways to Wear Pastel Colors for Fall

Things are sure to lighten up with the inclusion of pretty pastel colors in the list of this year’s fall’s hottest trends. If you’re not a fan of all the dark, rich and warm colors that abound during fall time, this should be good news for you. Paste colors are often worn during the spring and summer but this year, they’re big for fall so go back to your spring wardrobe and take out any pastel colored piece that you have that you think would get you through fall in style. In case you’re planning on getting new stuff for your fall wardrobe, check out these lovely ways to wear pastel colors for fall.

  • Pastel outerwear – if you want to stick to wearing dark colors but also want to have an optional pastel addition to your look, wearing a pastel colored outerwear like a coat or a blazer is the best way to go. You still get that conventional dark look of fall but with a nice and bold pop of color on the outside which, if you like, you can remove whilst indoors (e.g. in the workplace, etc.).

pastel and dark animal print

pastel and camel beige colors h2t fall pastel pastel sweater and skirt

  • Pastel makeup – don’t feel like straying away from the conventional dark fall outfits? One way to wear pastel colors while still sporting a dark outfit from head to toe is to wear pastel colored makeup instead. Pastel lids would look really pretty for a daytime makeup look. You can also rock pastel pink lips if you have on a dramatic smoky eye, just to balance out the look of things.

pink pastel eye shadow soft pastel eye makeup fall pastel makeup

  • Layer pastels with dark colors – torn about whether to wear pastel colors or dark hues? Why not mix and match both and layer them on top of one another to create a beautifully blended outfit? I personally love wearing a lighter pastel colored top underneath a darker top and having a bit of the pastel color show just to get that little peek-a-boo of lightness.

black and pink pastel outfit pastel blue and dark jeans layered fall pastel ourfit pastel pink dress and black accerssories

  • Go all out – now, if you’ve always been the kind of girl who gets tired of the same looks every time and you want something unique and different this fall, you can go all out on the pastel trend and sport a pastel on pastel fall look instead. They key to making your outfit still look fall friendly while doing this is to wear fall essentials like sweaters and jackets in pastel colors.

all lovely fall pastel colors all pastel colors for fall all out pastel outfit

  • Pastel prints – lastly, if you think that a solid pastel color is too summery / spring-y for you, you can wear pastel colors on print instead. It could be a pastel pattern against a dark background / base color or a pastel print against a light background base color depending on how autumn-y you want your look to be.

abstract pastel print pastel bird print pastel print on dark bg soft pastel floral prints

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