Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Leopard print is one of the most popular among the animal prints so it is but natural that you already have a few leopard printed clothes sitting in your wardrobe and if not, it’s time to get your hands on some! Seriously. I know not everyone is convinced that leopard print makes a great addition to their closets but you should definitely at least give it a try (because I’m pretty sure you’ll end up loving it afterwards!) Leopard print makes any piece look sexy. It adds that a chic and mod vibe to your outfit, too. Leopard print clothing is pretty popular during fall just because the usual colors that this print comes in are dark (shades of brown along with black). If you’re thinking of ways to sport this print for fall, check out these ways to wear leopard print below.

  • Leopard print button up – a leopard print button up is the perfect substitute to a crisp white button up shirt when you want something more interesting and audacious. Wear it with jeans for a casual everyday look or with denim cut offs for more of a street style look. You can make the look more polished and dressed up by tucking your shirt in and finishing the outfit off with heels. Otherwise, jus leave it and go with comfy flats or sandals instead.

white shorts and leopard print top

leopard print top leopard print top and pants

  • Leopard print shoes – interesting statement shoes always make a great finishing touch to any outfit. It’s like the cherry on top of your sundae, or something like that. If you have a plain and simple outfit on, finish it off with a pair of leopard print shoes and see how your outfit goes from drab to fab.

leopard print boots miranda kerr leopard flats sneakers in leopard print

  • Pop of leopard print – doing a pop of color to brighten up your look is really stylish and all but if you want something more eccentric, you can try doing a pop of leopard instead. Since leopard print is rather bold, wearing it in the itty bittiest form is often enough. To make it pop, wear it against a monochromatic outfit. The less colors and details there is in your outfit, the more your leopard printed piece is going to pop.

gray monochromatic and leopard shoes monochromatic and leopard clutch leopard print shades

  • Leopard print dress – if you’re a little hesitant about wearing leopard print, just don a leopard print dress on and you should be good to go. If you think is too ‘in your face’-ish, you can accessorize with neutrals and anchor the dress down with these colors to tone the look down a little bit. Black and leopard print always go well together and so does brown and leopard print but if you want to lighten the look up, try white or beige.

dress in leopard print leopard maxi dress leopard print dress outfit

  • Leopard print coat – finally, when you decide to just throw all your leopard print related issues to the side, get bold and top off your whole outfit with a leopard print coat. It’s a sure fire way to make a chic, fashion forward statement anytime.

coat with shorts heavy leopard print coat coat in leopard print

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