Ways to Wear High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts can have a retro look and feel to them but they can also look modern and sophisticated, too, as long as you have the right pair on hand and you wear it with the right pieces. Many women tend to shy away from high waisted bottoms, especially shorts, because they think it is something that only supermodels with legs for days can pull off but actually, anyone can wear high waisted bottoms. High waisted shorts, in particular, are great because they’re universally flattering for every and any body type. Here are some ideas for stylish ways to wear high waisted shorts.

  • BLACK – if your hip is one of your problem areas and you want to slim it down a bit to get a more proportionate silhouette, a black pair of high waisted pants is what you need. Black high waisted shorts are the most flattering and they’re the most versatile, too. They’re great because they’re neutral which means you can wear them with pretty much anything.

black denim shorts

black shorts and white shirt

  • DRESSY – if you’re ever thinking of trying to sneak wearing shorts to the office, perhaps you might want to consider going on the high waisted route and opting for a dressy pair while you’re at it. High waisted shorts are already dressier compared to other styles but going for dressy details, too, can really take your shorts-in-the-office game up a notch.

dress black and white shorts dressy high waisted shorts

  • SWIFTY STYLE – high waisted shorts, some sort of vintage-y retro top, chunky heels – combination sounds familiar? That’s because this is one of Taylor Swift’s signature looks. The singer songwriter has great fashion sense, especially when it comes to retro, and we know it so why not take a few pointers from her and start wearing high waisted shorts like she does?

taylor swift checkered shorts taylor swift denim shorts

  • COOL GIRL VIBE – get the cool girl vibe by knotting up your shirt and then wearing your high waisted shorts. This is a great option for those who want to add just a subtle hint of sexiness to their look without doing much or showing much skin.

knotted polka dot top knotted white button up

  • WITH A CROP TOP – one of the more obvious ways to wear high waisted shorts would be to pair it up with a crop top, especially for summer. This combination creates such a chic street style look that will surely make heads turn.

crop top and shorts set crop top

  • BLOGGER STYLE – another super chic way to wear high waisted shorts is to pair it up with your favorite top, preferably a crop top or a dressy bralette, and layering up with a cardigan, jacket or a vest that’s long enough to cover up your bum. This creates a nice balance in your outfit and has been one of every blogger’s favorite way to wear their high waisted shorts.

blogger style outfit blogger style

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