Ways to Wear Boots with Shorts

Boots and shorts make a cute outfit despite the fact that they’re not a conventional pair. Some people like to categorize boots as cold weather staples while shorts are meant to live in warm weather wardrobes. Because of this, wearing the two together just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. When you see them together in one outfit, though, you’ll start to see why this pairing even came to existence. The combination of shorts and boots just scream chic and fab all the way. The look can be a bit tricky to pull off at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to look effortlessly stylish in them. Check out these easy and amazing ways to wear boots with shorts.

  • Height and length matters – this one of the most important things to consider when creating an outfit that features shorts and boots together. In general, the rule to remember here is that the shorter your shorts are, the lower your heels should be. Doing this ensures you that your outfit remains looking classy and tasteful instead of tacky and trashy. If you want to wear higher heels, make sure to choose shorts that are a bit longer as well.

street style biker chick look

miley cyrus shorts and boots

  • For starters, wear neutral boots – if you’re doing the boots and shorts outfit combo for the first time and you want a fool-proof way to pull the look off successfully, choose to wear boots in neutral colors and try to wear boots that are as plain as can be. Boots that are too loud or too ornate (with studs or what not) make a great statement but if you’re not entirely sure of how to go about doing it, it might end up looking like a serious fashion faux pas.

tan neutral boots casual shorts and boots outfit

  • Ankle boots work best – if you’re torn between rocking that pair of knee high boots and ankle boots with your newly distressed denim shorts for a cute street style look, go for the ankle boots! Ankle boots are way more flattering with shorts, especially when you don’t have supermodel legs. If you’re petite, you can make ankle boots even more flattering for your legs by wearing heeled ankle boots.

simple casual outfit buckled boots and denim shorts

  • Try combining edgy and girly – combining the edgy and girly look may be a challenge with other pieces of clothing items but it’s definitely doable and super easy with boots and shorts. You can wear shorts made of soft materials that would make it look feminine. Examples of these are sequin shorts, lace shorts and silk shorts. Wear these shorts with boots that have a rough, rugged vibe like leather boots and moto boots. This combo produces a look that’s perfectly balanced between sweet and sexy with a lot of edge to it.

sexy shorts and boots combo leather and lace

  • Never go over thigh high – if you’re confident that you can pull off shorts with boots higher / taller than ankle boots then, by all means, go ahead. Make sure though that you aren’t wearing anything higher than knee high boots. That’s about the highest / tallest you should go as far as tall boots and shorts are concerned.

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