Ways To Wear A Plain White Shirt

A plain white shirt is a staple any stylish woman needs in her closet. On its own, it is a basic piece of clothing that you can wear anytime, anywhere but when accessorized and mixed and matched with the right stuff, your plain white shirt can turn into the most stylish thing in your closet. Here are some tips and ideas on chic ways to wear a plain white shirt.

  • CHIC AND QUICK – one of the quickest and easiest ways to wear a white shirt is to pair it up with jeans. It doesn’t matter if they’re classic, skinny, flared out, in light wash, dark wash, acid wash or what not; any kind of jeans with a crisp white shirt always makes for the perfect go-to ensemble for any day. Want to give it a more summery feel? Ditch pants for shorts instead.

quick and chic

quick and easy chic outfit quick everyday look

  • BLACK AND WHITE – a really easy way to style a plain white shirt is to wear it with black. Black and white is a classic and timeless color combination that’s guaranteed to never go out of style. This is a great way to sneak in a plain white shirt to the office on days when you’re either out of cute clothes to wear or you’re just in a rush.

black and white outfit black pants and white shirt outfit black and white look

  • THE MINIMALIST – of all the trends that are on the rise today, the minimalist has to be my fave. It just goes to show that, sometimes, less is indeed more when it comes to dressing up. And what’s a better way to create a look that follows that minimalist trend than to wear a white shirt? For a clean and crisp summer look, go for an all white minimalist look.

minimalist neutral shades minimalistic outfit

  • UNDER A BLAZER – another way to sneak in a plain white shirt to the office is to wear it underneath a posh blazer. Adding a blazer on top is a great way to take away the casual and laidback feel of a plain tee and give it a more structured and posh look and feel. Pair it up with great fitting trousers or a sexy pencil skirt for a gorgeous office outfit that’s sure to make you look fab.

blazer and white shirt blazer and gray shirt

  • SPLASHED WITH COLOR – white is a great neutral color and a plain white shirt is the perfect backdrop for anything and everything colorful. If you’re itching to wear all the colors of summer in one look, use your plain white shirt as a base.

white shirt and colorful skirt white shirt and colorful yellow cardi white shirt and coral shorts

  • FUN AND WILD – think a plain white shirt is too boring for your style? Pair it up with fun patterns and wild prints for a look that’s sure to get you hyped up. Your plain white shirt is a great base, too, if you’re planning on doing some of the print on print / double print trend that’s been going around.

white shirt and fun shortsprint floral skirt white shirt and polka dot scarf

  • LAYERED UP – lastly, a great way to put your plain white shirt to good use is to use it as a layering piece. Wear it with on trend outerwear like kimonos and maxi cardigans for the summer or chunky knits for fall and winter or wear it underneath a gorgeous but rather revealing dress when you feel like you need more coverage.

layered with knits layered with white shirt

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