Ways to Tuck, Cuff or Roll Shirts and Jeans

Sometimes, when you look at models in magazines and on posters and billboards, you think they only look great because they’re wearing expensive clothes when in reality, you could achieve the same look with whatever is already in your closet and just a little bit of sprucing up. Tweaking and styling your clothes to create a more stylish outfit is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to give your outfit some personality. Here are some tips and ideas on ways to tuck, cuff or roll shirts and jeans.

  • A HINT OF TOMBOY – you can do this by doing just one or two rolls or you can also go all the way up until you bare all of your arms and are left with what would look like a tank top. It’s a great way to style even the simplest shirt. Pair it up with your favorite jeans and you’re set.

tomboy vibe


tomboy style sleeves

  • SCRUNCHED UP SLEEVES – if you’re the type who can’t be bothered with whether or not your sleeves are symmetrical / equally folded, you can always skip folding and opt for scrunching them up instead. This trick works best with long, slightly fitted sleeves. All you really have to do is scrunch up your sleeves until they get to where you want them to be and you’re good to go.

scrunched blazer sleeves scrunched sleeves striped blazer scrunched up sleevs

  • HALF AND HALF – this is a great way to style your sleeves if you have a cute print / pattern on your sleeves that you think would look great against your outerwear sleeve. To do this, you’ll want to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath a long sleeved jacket or coat. Roll up the sleeves of your outerwear and expose the sleeve of the shirt underneath.

half and half style half and half

  • IN N’ OUT – one great way to style your shirt when a full tuck isn’t an option is to do an in n’ out. This works only on button down shirts. Tuck on flap in and leave the other one out to get a more casual and relaxed vibe.

in n out white shirt tuck in n out denim shirt tuck in n out tuck style

  • HALF TUCK – to do the in n’ out, all you have to do is tuck the front part of your shirt and leave the rest from the side to the back hanging out. This is a great way to tuck a tee or a sweater but it works great with button ups, too.

half tuck half tucked shirt and neon shorts half tucked shirt

  • CUFFED THICK – want to trick the eye into thinking that you’re taller than you actually are? Fold up your jeans and create thick cuffs on both legs. This will elongate the look of your legs and will also give your outfit a more street style-ish vibe.

thick cuff jeans style thick cuff thick cuffed jeans

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