Wardrobe Must Haves for a Chic Summer Boho Look

If there’s any look that I’d be willing to rock for all the remaining summers in my life, it would be the Boho chic look. This particular look is so perfect for summer because it’s so easy and organic. It’s light, it’s free-flowing and it’s very forgiving as well. Boho is also the style of choice of many summer music festival goers, making the look a staple summer look. Here are some of the wardrobe must haves for a chic summer boho look.

  • Maxi skirts – maxi skirts are one of the essential pieces you should get your hands on if you’re building a Boho wardrobe that you’ll be using for the summer. They’re very feminine and chic and they’re so light so they’re great for summer. Wear them with anything from a simple tank top to a romantic lace shirt and you have yourself a minimalistic Boho look.

tribal print maxi skirt outfit

skirt with built in belt white maxi skirt outfit

  • Peasant tops – whether you’re aiming for a full on Boho look or one that’s more modern, a peasant top is sure to come in handy. Peasant tops are very versatile. You can wear these with maxi skirts or on top of maxi dresses to get a more natural Boho look or you can pair them with jeans for a more modern Boho look. Try to get your hands on peasant tops with embroidered detailing on them. Embroidery always adds more to the Boho-ness of any piece.

black peasant top embroidered peasant top modern boho printed peasant top

  • Flared jeans – the Boho look isn’t all about skirts and dresses. You can wear jeans, too, as mentioned above but not just any kind of jeans, though. Skinny jeans are a bit too contemporary for the Boho look so opt for flared ones instead. They’re quite flattering, too, so you should have no problem wearing them no matter what your body type is.

flared denim jeans red flared jeans boho style outfit boho flared jeans

  • Flower crown – wearing a flower crown over your head when going for the Boho look may seem a little too cliché but it works like a charm every time. Since boho is all about being free and natural, flowers make the best accessories to adorn your hair with. You can make your own out of either fresh or plastic flowers if you don’t want to spend too much on headpieces like these.

diy flower crown fresh flower crown red hair and flower crown

  • Sun hats – if you’re not into very girly accessories or the flower crown just doesn’t do it for you, you can replace it with a hat instead. Try to get as natural as possible by opting for woven straw hats and the like and reserve your bowler and fedora hats for other street style summer looks. If you’re planning on doing a modern Boho look, though, you can use them as well.

boho sun hat outfit

  • Light cardigans – the Boho style is known for layers but since it’s summer, it wouldn’t be such a wise move to pile on lots and lots of layers of think and chunky clothing so it’s important to have something light to wear as a layering piece and that’s where light cardigans come into play. Light cardigans are great because they’re not too warm. Choose the loose – fitting and flowy ones to add drama and movement to the organic Boho look.

light knit modern boho cardigan light pink lace cardigan summer light cardigan

  • Boho jewelry – of course, no outfit is complete without jewelry so make sure you have plenty because the Boho look calls for layer after layer and stacks and stacks of jewelry to complete the look. Anything wooden, metallic, fringy, leathery and feathery and cute is perfect so stack them all up and head out the door!

boho beaded jewelry boho barefoot sandals chic boho jewelry

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