Vivacious Ways to Wear Velvet

With these plummeting temperatures, it pays to have cozy and chic garb. One of the best textiles that can provide you such wondrous warmth is velvet. Although it has been deemed tacky for the past few years, it has become one of the hottest trends of fall and winter. Incorporate this luxe staple into your winter wardrobe by following these style tips:

Journey Towards the Dark Side

Bright shades of velvet can be hard to pull off. If you are in doubt of how you might look, stick with darker shades. Black and steel gray velvet can make you look simple yet glamorous, whatever the occasion might be.

black velvet dress

dark blue velvet dress

Go for Newer Trends

A velvet beret and a velvet hoodie might invoke you of great childhood memories. But if you want to look great, reserve them strictly for nostalgia. That means don’t buy any of them! Stay true to newer trends, such as a velvet sweatshirt, as they are easier to match with the rest of your wardrobe.

red velvet shorts velvet crop top

Use Only One

Velvet is a hot winter trend, but be careful when using such pieces. One velvet item is enough to glamorize your look. Use too many and you will end up looking like a misplaced court jester.

velvet backless dress blue velvet jacket

Say No to Crushed Velvet

When it comes to velvet, thicker and stiffer materials are easier to pull off. Crushed velvet offers much stretch – and it can make you look like a ballet dancer. So for all intents and purposes, stay away from this type of velvet.

blue velvet skirt burgundy velvet jacket

Seek Menswear-Inspired Pieces

Tailored ladies wear are all the rage today because of their crisp silhouettes and structured styles. As with velvet, it is best if you go with menswear-inspired pieces, such as sleek blazer or tailored trousers. Conventional items – such as dresses and skirts – are far too common, especially if you want to break out of the fashion box.

blue velvet blazer

red velvet blazer

Velvet is no longer reserved for tacky, costume outfits. By picking the right item and styling it the right away, you can get a runway-worthy velvet attire.

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