Vintage Brown Cambridge Satchel Review

Hello girls here is my Vintage Brown Cambridge Satchel Review!
Yesterday, My sweet hubby decided to buy me a Satchel Bag that I’ve been lemming for…
So, we headed up to Chocolate Schubar at Glorietta, Makati— to check if they already have a Vintage Brown Cambridge Satchel. Since these bags are selling really fast, I was half-expecting it to be out of stock or reserve again, but I was surprised when the attendant told me that they still have one left in 11″ size. I was literally standing there for few minutes, thinking if I should get it or not.. when 4 other people came in to check for satchels, they saw the bag I was holding and asking the schu attendant if they still have it.. and that made me more convinced and wanted to buy it immediately! I feel lucky that I got the bag first LOL, thought the bag is really meant for me!
I finally satisfy my Cambridge Satchel cravings.. weee!
1 Cambridge Satchel
It’s truly a beautiful bag. I love it so much as it rounds up my taste and style. The size is perfect for me, to bring my checkbook wallet, a powder, 2 lipsticks, mirror, comb, travel size parfum, and mobile phone. I have to leave my make-up pouch which I don’t mind since I don’t retouch a lot especially when I am having a great time with my baby and hubby.
2 Cambridge Satchel bag inside
If you’re on lightweight bags with huge compartment you might have to reconsider in getting a Satchel. But, If you’re just like me- who feel comfortable and appreciate the beauty of satchel and more so willing to leave some of your stuff at home then go get one and settle with the sizes 11″ or 13″. But if you prefer space, I suggest you go to size 14″ 15″ or yet the batchels, but I tell you 15″ and batchels are indeed huge and heavy.
What I love…
  • It is a very classy, compact retro style leather bag.
  • It is not so expensive like owning Alexa Mulberry satchel considering cambridge is a crafted vintage leather.
  • It has a long shoulder strap which gives a lot of versatility
  • It has a beautiful forms and stitching–a hand stitch matched with a blend of cotton and nylon.
  • The leather is thick and Stiff – retains the shape even the bag is empty.
  • Very durable.. it will definitely last me a lifetime!
  • The silver working buckles are really cute and fab.
  • The bag can be pulled off with nearly every outfit.
What You may not love…
  • Closing the buckles-can be a hassle when you’re in a rush and need to take some things in and out.
  • Since the leather is really stiff and un-stretchable, it doesn’t offer enough space for things.
  • The smell of leather– if you are sensitive, you may not like the smell of a genuine leather.. but I like the smell of it… like i want to sniff again and again! eww LOL!
Thanks for reading!
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