Unconventional Fashion Pairings that Surprisingly Work

Sometimes, being a risk-taker pays, especially in fashion. Breaking the rules isn’t a bad thing altogether because sometimes good things come out of not doing things the conventional way. In fashion, there are unwritten rules that say which goes best with what but don’t let those dictate what you wear all the time. Being on trend is good, yes, but creating your own style without limiting yourself to what ‘should be’ is even better. Check out these unconventional fashion pairings that surprisingly work to see what we mean.

  • SOCKS AND SANDALS – socks and sandals used to be one of fashion’s biggest no-no’s but today, it’s one of the biggest trends in the industry. Wearing socks with sandals is perfect for the colder seasons like fall and winter. Socks will let you wear even your favorite spring / summer sandals without having to sacrifice comfort and warmth.

socks and cute sandals

socks and orange chunky heel sandals socks and sandals outfit

  • MIXED STRIPES – if wearing one kind of striped pattern isn’t challenging enough for you, how about wearing one or two more? Mixed stripes can be very flattering when done right. Just remember to wear verticals stripes on areas that you want to elongate / slim out and horizontal ones on areas you want to emphasize.

mixed black and white stripes mixed louis vuitton stripes mixed stripes outfit

  • DRESSES AND BIRKENSTOCKS – Birks have a very summery casual feel to them. They’re often worn with jeans or shorts and they have more of that rough and rugged street style feel to them which is why they’re not usually worn with dresses. If you’re up for a fashion challenge, though, I don’t see why you can’t pair up these two. If you’re looking for something comfy to wear with your dresses, go ahead and wear Birkenstocks. You’ll be surprised at how well these two go together.

birkenstocks and black slip dress birks and white dress for summer

  • SUSPENDERS AND SKIRTS – suspenders are usually attached to pants but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with skirts. If you’re looking to create a fresh new take on the usual look of overalls and you want something more dainty and more feminine, why not wear your suspenders with a cutesy skirt? Depending on the other pieces you wear it with, you can achieve a hipster, vintage or flirty spring look among others.

suspender skirt and crop top suspenders and skirts suspenders and white skirt

  • BERMUDA SHORTS AND BLAZER – blazers are usually part of a business-y corporate-ish attire while Bermuda shorts are worn with more casual and street style looks but together these two can create a very beautiful and unique look that has the perfect balance of dressy and dressed down.

blazer and bermuda shorts suit blazer and black bermuda shorts outfit blazer and denim bermuda shorts

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