Ultimate Guide to Handbags

Your handbags play a dual role your life as you have them for practicality and style. Apart from holding your essentials, you can also wear them day or night which can make you look more fashionable and chic. If you wish to buy handbags that are appropriate for many pieces of your wardrobe, keep on reading to learn our stylish guidelines.

Think function and style when picking handbags.


tote-bag-with-checkered-coat sexy-black-dress-with-tied-vest-and-backpack

A handbag is a mix of practicality and fashion and it is an accessory in a woman’s wardrobe that can add punch to any outfit. If you’re a woman working in a conservative office, you might want to buy a neutral color bag with a good structure that is year round and looks great with most of your outfits. If it’s an investment bag, buy one that will not go out of style. Instead of going for clutches that can only serve you well on the evenings, think of a lightweight tote, especially if you’re carrying ton of things. Putting a clutch inside your tote works well, because it prevents you from digging and searching frantically into your tote for a lipstick or a phone. If you usually go for public transport, buy a handbag with a good clasp for protection over open tote bags.

Opt for a bag that matches your size.

fringed-bag-with-leather-trousers-and-lace-up-bodysuit tie-dye-dress-with-tote-bag wrap-dress-with-leather-jacket-and-peep-toe-boots

If you are petite, always stick with small to medium size handbag, except for practical totes. Big is ‘never in’ for small sized women. Remember, you want to carry your bag not your bag should not carry you. Also, if you wish to highlight your slim waist, go for handbags that fall right on your waist. If you’re bottom-heaving, avoid cross body bags that will only draw the attention to your hips. If you wish to add some curves to your straight body, think of hobo bags that will complement your figure. Also, you might want to stuff your slouchy bags to save their shape.

You can save for a designer handbag that you can use for years.

chanel-bag-with-forest-green-coat sequin-pants-with-blazer-and-handbag embroidered-blazer-with-ripped-jeans-and-sling-bag

Because designer handbags are ridiculously expensive, you can treat the purchase of a new bag as if it were a piece of jewelry, a fashionable accessory. You may think of saving for a designer handbag that you can use for years. Just be selective in your purchase and never buy what you think is the fad of the year as it will be tossed out the following season. You may set a goal for yourself to buy one good handbag a year and it will be a keeper.

Treat your handbag as a fabulous accessory.

houndstooth-print-dress-with-cobalt-blue-bag checkered-coat-with-yellow-bag-and-jeans metallic-silver-bag-with-distressed-jeans-and-blazer

Depending on your style, fashion taste, and personality, you may go bold with the colors of your bag and make them a fabulous accessory. Some women wear a gray or black handbag with a gray suit. But you can also wear a pink handbag and pink shoes with your gray suit. Wearing a bright bag with toned-down clothing can be great to add some statement to your style. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to pick the perfect handbag for you.

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