Types of Flats Every Woman Should Own

Flats are a tired girl’s feet’s best friend. While heels certainly add glamour and a hint of sexy sophistication to any look, there’s no denying that they can hurt really bad. Thank the fashion gods for flats. Whether you’re a tall girl trying to downplay her height or you’re just really sick of wearing heels, check out these types of flats every woman should own.

  • WORK FLATS – on days when you know you have a lot of running around to do in the office, a pair of chic flats might come in handy. Pick out a pair that’s dressy enough to match most of the items in your work wardrobe. Make sure it looks posh and polished so that it doesn’t dress down your look.

work flats

work flats metallic gold

  • BIRKENSTOCKS – Birks are making a comeback and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get a pair of these 90s staples on your aching feet. Birkenstocks are perfect for everyday looks that you want to give a casual and laidback look to. They’re also great for dressing down rather ritzy outfits, too.

birks summer look birks casual outfit

  • LACE UP FLATS – lace up flats are one of spring’s biggest trends for this year and I’m pretty sure they’ll stick around for the summer as well. A pair of lace up flats are perfect when you want sexy shoes that don’t have painful heels on them. They’re great with dresses but also fab with jeans or even leggings.

lace up flats lace up flats casual look

  • POINTY NUDE FLATS – another must have that every girl should have in her shoe closet is a pair of nude pointy toe flats. These are perfect for when you want your legs to look leaner and longer but you don’t really want to deal with the pain that heels bring. Make sure to choose a shade of nude that is closest to your skin tone for optimum effect.

pointy nude flats pointy nudes

  • CLASSIC BLACK – a pair of classic black flats, be it rounded or pointed, is a must for any girl. This is the pair of flats that you can consider as your go-to pair for any outfit on any day.

classic black flats classic flats in black

  • STATEMENT FLATS – no shoe wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of statement flats. Statement flats are perfect for dressing up a plain and simple outfit. It could be an embellished pair, it could be one in a very striking color or with a very unique and interesting print pattern.

embellished flats metallic flats

  • EVERYDAY FLATS – because who says you can’t wear flats every single day? When picking out a pair to use as your everyday flats, remember to go for comfort first and style next. You’ll be wearing these most of the time and for long hours so they better not cause your feet pain. And don’t worry about style, I’m sure you’ll find something that’s both comfy and cute within your budget from most of your favorite stores.

everyday loafers everyday polka dot flats

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